• When: 2018-01-06
  • QIC: Ken Doll & McLovin
  • The PAX: McLovin, Betamax, Quisenberry, Wilson, Happy Trees, Matlock, Mermaid, Voltron, Swayze, Hollywood, Belding, Romo, Fed Up, Muggy Tape, Ralphie, Teminix, Nub, StayPuff, Julep, Abner, Defect, Kinard, Urkel, Tongue and Groove, Caboose, Wino, Pondo, Ken Doll FNGs: Flo, Peach Fuzz, Meerkat, Farkus, Huggy Bear

LAUNCH: Welcome to F3Nation, Saluda!

As it happens around these parts, the power of F3 spreads rapidly. This time it has spread to the small town of Saluda, SC. Thanks to a pull (and just enough push) from F3 Lexington’s AO in Batesburg-Leesville named Smokehouse, this morning’s launch happened. And before that it was made possible because so many before us have given away freely what was given to us.

In weather that keeps most people indoors and at a time on a Saturday morning that keeps most people tucked away comfortably in their fartsacks, 32 men including 5 FNGs posted for the launch of F3 Saluda. If not for the 15 degree temperature, more FNGs would’ve posted. This is verified by text messages from unfilled HCs. They will come eventually and they too will experience what the 5 FNGs experienced today.

Welcome FNGs Huggy Bear, Flo, Peach Fuzz, Farkus, and Meerkat.

Conditions: A bitterly cold 15 degrees

The Thang



SSH x 20 (IC) – KD
TTT x 15 (IC) – KD
Imperial Walkers x 15 (IC) – KD
LBC x 15 (IC) – McL
Merkins x 10 (IC) – McL
Squats x 15 (IC) – McL
Burpees x 5 (OYO)

Count off 1s/2s. 1s go with Ken Doll and 2s go with McLovin

Group 1 goes to Parking Lot w/Ken Doll

First Set – The Beast w/Merkins, Jump Squats & Burpees (6 exercises, 6 reps, 6 rounds. Start at line. 3 cones set up 10 yds apart. Perform 6 reps of the exercise at each cone (coming & going) for a total of 36 reps each round. Each round is a different exercise)

Second Set – Partner Up
Each group of two PAX completes the following circuit (in any order they choose) with total reps below
50 Decline Merkins (using partners back)
50 Jump Squats
50 Iron Cross

Group 2 goes to Field with McLovin

First Set – 11s with Burpees & Squats

Second Set – Ark Loader
Bear crawl to cones – run to line – bear crawl to cones – run to line
Crab walk to cones – run to line – bear crawl to cones – run to line
Frog jump to cones – run to line – bear crawl to cones – run to line

Groups flapjack locations, and, once complete all four sets, groups converge back in parking lot

Six Minutes of Mary

American Hammers x 20 (IC)
Big Boy Sit Ups x 10 (OYO)
Flutter kicks x 20 (IC)
Big Boy Sit Ups x 10 (OYO)
Freddie Mercuries x 20 (IC)
Big Boy Sit Ups x 10 (OYO)


Devo: (led by Quisenberry) Romans 14:4 “With the Lord’s help, you will stand”

-Quick story: Setting up cones on the field behind the school pre-bootcamp, it was YHC, McLovin and Betamax. It was around 6:45am and dark. A cow mooed in the not so far away distance. City boys McLovin and Beta had quite the reaction. Welcome to F3 Lexington!
-Also, McLovin and Beta were convinced by the distance and country roads that YHC was driving them out to kill them.
-Sincere thanks to McLovin, Beta and Pondo for traveling 2 counties away to help give it away.
-So many clowncars from F3 Lexington. You men are amazing.
-An F3 Nation first (we think): FNG came late to the bootcamp and was embarrassed to hop in late so he left. He did fullstarsky at coffeteria. We named him Huggy Bear. Tclaps to McLovin for the Starsky and Hutch research.
-Coffeteria at Punk’s was amazing. Hole in the wall place, if you’ve ever seen one. YHC means that in a good way. The food and service was amazing. The crazy following eyes of the antique dolls was not amazing. Seriously, next time you’re in Saluda, go to Punk’s.

-5am Tues / Thurs bootcamps start immediately led by Smokehouse pax
-North Augusta pax lead next Saturday’s bootcamp