• When: 2018-01-06
  • QIC: Zuckerberg
  • The PAX: Zuckerberg, Training Wheels( Respect), Heisenberg( Respect), Spokes (Respect), Big Worm, Enterprise

3rd F - Faith

Snotfest at the F3TheMission

Two pax take on the Finlay Park block around the post office for a warm up run.


It was a chilly but sunny morning full of mumblechatter. And that was only so we could breath as we pushed each other. As much snot that was coming from the pax, talking was the only way to breath.



Running in place 2 min

LBACs( forwards then backwards) ×25 IC

Chair Force merkins( raising the roof) ×15 IC

Bend and reach ×15 IC

SSH ×15 IC


Mosey to playground for a Ladder.


7 declined merkins, 7 pull ups.

Decrease by 1.

There was more snot running out of noses, down faces and being spit everywhere than in a daycare.


Mosey to Amphitheater of Pain.


10 merkins up each step, decreasing by 1.

10 dips down each step, decreasing by 1.

Plank at bottom when done.


Bear Crawl up steps of Amphitheater to street, then mosey to top of grassy knoll steps.


Flutter kicks ×25 IC

LBCs ×25 IC


Mosey run up steps to Laurel, back down steps by waterfall, then around back to beginning of grassy knoll steps, run up, back to top to start second round. Rinse and repeat ×3.


Mosey to swings, then Q finds enough air between snotscicles to call an exercise Big Worm introduced to the mission.


Lunge Pulse Walk all the way back to flag.


Count O Rama 6 +1 for ball of man.

Name O Rama

AAR: Lots of good things said today. Our Q was Zuckerberg, an unofficial pro.

Ball of man.


Today during our workout we remembered our OGM/F3 brother Daniel Weeks aka Wolfgang.

He passed away Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning and will be greatly missed. He was smart and funny, an unusual sense of humor. He posted to one workout at Lake Murray and pushed through. A lot of physical problems, he pushed through the whole workout with exception of burpees. Very proud of my F3 family for the outpouring of love and support.