• When: 2018-06-26
  • QIC: Stay Puff
  • The PAX: Wino, Puck, Matlock, Daisy, Tongue and Groove, Ace, and Stay Puff

I Like Wet Blocks and I Cannot Lie

After missing some posts the last couple of weeks YHC was stoked to get back in the gloom with the F3 brothers.  Knowing a good beatdown was necessary YHC could only think of blocks and burpees.  Burpees and blocks.  So, we set out this morning to work hard and get better with hope that beatdown was accomplished.

Weather:  Perfect temp just a tad muggy after overnight storms

1 min warning



Mosey to end of track near the awaiting blocks


SSH x 20 IC

TTT x 15 IC

5 burpees OYO

Windmills x 10 IC

5 burpees OYO

LBAC F&B x 15 IC

5 burpees OYO

squats x 15 IC

5 burpees OYO

10 Merkins  OYO

5 burpees OYO

The Thang:

Grab a block and line up at the track. 20 curls for the girls, 20 block squats then overhead carry to the next line.  Rinse and repeat switching overhead carry for 10 lunges with block until you get to other end of track.

Slow jog around to other side of track and back to blocks.

Next, line up on sideline of field.  10 block drags, 10 block merkins and 10 BBSU. Rinse and repeat until reaching opposite side of field. Somewhere in here the mumble chatter picked up and we talked about tying up T&G’s M.  Not on the official agenda.

Next up 10 block thrusters, run to bottom of Hite Hill and do 10 burpees, run to top of hill, 10 squats, back down the hill, 10 burpees, run back to block.  Rinse and repeat. T-claps to Wino accelerating through everything and picking up Six.

Time called and put away blocks.

Mosey back to flag



Announcements: Christmas Party for 2018 and 2019 pre-planning.

Prayer requests: SK, Doodle and family.  Matlock and family. Lastly, YHC didn’t bring it up this morning but include me and my family in the prayer requests as the M and I are working through some issues.