• When: 2019-07-13
  • QIC: Granola
  • The PAX: GloboGym, Hatchet, Hammer, Pick Axe, Booster, JoePa, Boo (R), Netflix, Utah (R), Canseco, Granola (R)

Here and There, but Mostly Work

Eleven Pax started their Saturday with some Granola at Turning Point. YHC started crunchy, but ended up soggy.

Weather: upper 70’s and humid as can be expected this time of year

Circle up – Disclaimer – Pray – start working where we stood.

Burpees – 5 OYO
SSH – 20 IC
Burpees – 5 OYO
Windmill – 10 IC
Burpees – 5 OYO
TTT – 10 IC
Burpees – 5 OYO
Mountain Climbers – 20 IC

Mosey to the brick pile.
Brick Burpees – 10 OYO
LBAC Forward – 20 IC w/bricks (That was stupid enough that YHC lead the pax in dropping the bricks at the 10 count, but kept the LBAC going.)
LBAC Reverse – 20 IC
Overhead Claps – 20 IC
Dirty Bird – 20 IC w/bricks (This was just as stupid as the LBAC w/bricks, so we dropped the bricks at 3, and kept going.)
Moroccan Night Club – 20 IC

Mosey to the end of the track.
4 tree – tree suicides
– Round 1 – Every time you pass a tree, or return to start – 5 planks jacks (60 in total)
– Round 2 – RNR – 5 shoulder taps each side (60 each side in total)
– Round 3 – RNR – 5 hip taps each side (60 each side in total)
– Plank for the six between rounds.

Mosey to the bottom of the hill (with the nearly waist high grass)
– Jacob’s Ladder (7 trips up and down the hill. on each lap, do burpees at the top, the count of the lap 1-7)

Mosey over to the big circle planter
– plank for the six
– Inverted plank walk (hands on the ground, feet up on the planter) around the planter
– There were 2 intermission stops while we worked our way around the planter, at which time the pax sat in Peoples Chair.

Mosey toward the shovel flag, to the lawn area near the front entry of the school.

NOTE – All of the following exercises were packed back to back with only time to reposition in between.
– SSH – 30 IC
– Flutter kick – 30 IC
– Shoulder taps – 30 IC
– Imperial walkers – 20 IC
– American Hammer – 20 IC
– Hip Taps – 20 IC
– Hillbillys – 10 IC
– Hello Dollys – 10 IC
– Hydrolics – 10 IC

WOW, where did our hour go? Time flies when YHC is having fun, and it did this morning, too. T-claps to Canseco for keeping time for us and making sure we got in a full hour of work.

Mosey over to the flag and circle up.


– Coffeeteria at Bo Jangles following the devo today. Of course, if you are just now reading this announcement, you’ve missed coffeeteria.

Prayer Requests:
– Swanson’s Dad (Hospice)
– Swanson’s M (Back pains associated with herniated disc)
– Dawn Merck
– Corbit Anderson (Fry Daddy’s 2.0)
– Blindside
– Maggie (Blindside’s 2.0) had surgery yesterday. It went well.
– Canseco’s 2.0 Sierra – traveling safety while headed to Myrtle Beach and back
– Granola – Job opportunity


– Know your lane. People say ‘stay in your lane’, which usually means stay out of their lane or out of their way and keep you nose in your own business. Well, today’s devo was about knowing your lane and staying in it. That is, know you role, and do whatever your role is, with excellence, as if working for the Lord. This applies in all you do, if you are a coach, a parent, a husband, a lawyer, a doctor, a painter, a programmer. In all things you do, know your role, and do your best to be present in that role and preform it to your best ability.