• When: 2019-07-13
  • QIC: Cowbell
  • The PAX: Coon Dog, Cheers, Scotch, Zoloft, Cowbell.

Frisbee fun

Weather was a nice 75 degrees this morning for the 5 guys that showed up to the Shank.

We started with our circle of trust, then ran over to the big soccer field. We circled up for some warm up exercises.

20 side straddle hops

10 windmills

20 little baby arm circles

20 overhead claps

15 Emperial Walkers


We then lined up on the sideline and instructions were given. We all alternate throwing the frisbee. Once thrown, we run to where it lands and do the following exercises. This was done all the way to cell tower 200+ yards away

10 murkins

15 LBC’s

5 plank jacks

15 double count flutter kicks

I then mixed it up and this time we sprinted until the frisbee landed, then we bear crawled until we got to the frisbee. This was harder since the frisbee liked to roll this morning. We then did 10 hydraulics. There was one other exercise, but I forget what it was.

The rest of the time we played 5 man ultimate frisbee with one man always being on offence.

Thanks for letting me lead this morning. I enjoyed the sweat and fellowship.

Paper Jam and McGruber ran 8+ miles and joined us for the BOM and coffeteria.