• When: 2019-07-14
  • QIC: Kenwood
  • The PAX: DriSoket, PopOff, Kenwood.


So on Friday DriSoket posted on Wander’s message board that he and Argyle had a 4 mile route planned for Sunday (today) that would start at 5:00.  So last night YHC confirmed that they were starting at 5:00 (since Sunday is typically a 5:30 start).  So DriSoket confirmed with a “yes sir”.  Then the AOQ PopOff chimed in with an SC.  Somewhere in all this Argyle decided to Smart Sack since he wouldn’t get home til late.  So DriSoket confirmed with YHC that I was coming, you know, since he doesn’t ruck alone (TWSS).  So I said I’ll be there.  This was around 9:30 last night and prompted Banjo to ask if we were swinging back by at 5:30 to pick up any regulars.  So YHC said we would.  Things picked back up around 4:50 when YHC pulled into the Wander parking lot to see DriSoket and PopOff.  They had apparently discussed the “loop around” and decided we’d do the LexingtonSAFE route first, pick up Banjo and whoever else at 5:30, and ruck the original 4 mile route.  So we gave a 15 sec warning, disclaimer, prayer before heading up N Church to N Lake, taking a left onto Columbia Ave (where we lost PopOff for a few minutes), then taking a left onto Main Street, then taking a right back into the Wander parking lot.  There we found our cars but no Banjo.  So PopOff sends a message out asking “BANJO you coming”?  So we took a minute to see if anyone would show or respond (which didn’t happen) before we headed out on DriSoket’s original route which was… down S Lake, R onto Roberts, L onto Claudius, across Gibson, onto Pond View, turns into Satcher, R onto Barr, R onto Hendrix (where we again lost PopOff for a few minutes), L onto S Lake, and back into the Wander Parking lot.  So we get back there for the count, name, announcements, prayer.

We covered 1.8 + 4 = 5.8 miles at a good pace.  2 for Coffeteria at Hardees.