• When: 2019-10-08
  • QIC: Neck Brace
  • The PAX: Hostel, Laettner, Joanna, Fools Gold, Buddy Love, The Don, Coppertone, Box Wine, Lorena, Lunchable, Pothole, STH, Moose, Whitney, Neck Brace

Have you seen my wheelbarrow?

15 pax HCed and presented to the Gloom for their daily downpainment.  The scene was reasonably cool but still seasonably warm.  67 degrees.  A hint of Depot in the air.  Conditions ideal for a snotwoggler.
The Thang

Pax paired up with another pax of their choosing, grabbed a block and met YHC at the track.

SSH x 25 IC
Imperial Walkers x 15 IC

Each Pair has the complete the following, alternating exercises with one lap:
100 Squat Thursters
200 Merkins
300 Curls
400 Flutterkicks
300 Monkey Humpers
200 V-ups
100 Shoulder Presses
Approximately 2.0 miles were done between exercises.

Return blocks

1. Joanna had some questions regarding the whereabouts of his wheelbarrow. Evidently an anonymous pax was to bring said barrow to the Gloom this morning but did not show. Hint: He uses a Twitter alter ego.

2. Devotion – Credit goes to the 43 feet Podcast for the discussion regarding vision and goals. YHC noted that we need to set goals that are reasonable for our situation. Using the Wright Brothers analysis, it was stated that we developed flying in 1912 by attempting to fly a plane 12 feet. In 57 years we made it to the moon. The initial goal was not the moon, but 12 feet, then 100 feet, etc. If the WB had told everyone “we want to make it to the moon,” they would have been laughed at. Instead, they took their small vision and worked it and grew it, in time and at the appropriate pace. How can we apply this to our lives, F3, etc.?