• When: 2019-10-08
  • QIC: Moneypenny
  • The PAX: See Saw, Bud, Fire Daddy, Homeslice, Dirtbag, Tuber, Moneypenny

Failure at Brighton

Conditions: 69 degrees, 96% humidity, clear skies, breezy

The Thang:

The pax were warned ahead of time to bring a headlamp as we may venture off campus.  We did just that.  After a very quick mosey from the track over to Brighton Business Park we did a short warm up.

  • SSH x 10 IC
  • TTT x 10 IC
  • Windmill x 10 IC
  • LAC’s x 10 IC both ways

After warming up the pax were paired up and handed a weinke with the order of exercises.  YHC explained that each exercise would be performed to total failure.  After reaching failure each pax and his partner would run in opposite directions around the loop of the business park.  Each time you meet up you perform the next exercise to failure.  Rinse and repeat until time to return to the shovel flag.  The exercises were as follows:

  • Merkins
  • Iron Cross
  • Strict Air Chair
  • Strict Low Plank
  • Overhead Arm Clap
  • 6″
  • Monkey Humpers

Return to shovel flag for 4 minutes of Mary:

  • Firedaddy: Russian Twists x 30 IC
  • Bud: Flutter Kicks x 30 IC
  • See Saw: BBSU x 20 OYO


  • Pray for Dirtbag’s dad as he has a heart ablation procedure today.
  • Need a Q for Thursday


  • Good numbers at Roost today.  Hope to see more of this throughout the fall.
  • Excellent work by the pax today.  Garmin says we did 3.4 miles and 253′ of elevation gain.


“What If”

Rejoice in our confident hope.  Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying”- Romans 12:12

Do you ever find yourself getting caught up in what-ifs?  What if I can’t pay my rent? What if I don’t pass this test?  What if my vehicle falls apart?  What if, what if…what if.  Life can be full of them if you allow it, but why would you?

What-if’s are worry in disguise, and worry will rob you of your valuable time.  It will steal your joy, and the stress that worry creates will take its toll on your physical body.

Here’s an idea.  Each time your mind entertains a what-if, stop and pray about that situation.  Consciously turn it over to God.  Do this over and over as the worries return.  This practice will help you turn your worry into hope.  The hope will then give you the patience to either work out the problem or to wait it out.  And this in turn will give you confidence that God is going to take care of everything.  I promise you, this is a treadmill you want to run on, a cycle that will add much joy to your life. “What if” you gave it a try?