• When: 2019-10-08
  • QIC: Rec
  • The PAX: Two Star, Twerk, Dominion, Cureaid, Bogey, Wee Wee, Tupperware, Pole Dance, Escobar

No Faith Workout Today

Weather: Upper 60’s, nice
Prayer – Pole Dance and Escobar were right on time, just like Drysdale

Circle up at the shovel flag
Arm Circles X 10
TTT X 10

Mosey to the playground. At this point, Pax were thinking heel touches and hoping for a Fia Q, provided by Faith (Rec’s M). They also questioned were the pink watch was at. Little did they know it had died. They were all disappointed to find out that we would take Wee Wee’s advice that we needed more Pullups.

Pullups X 5 – three Pax on the bar, the others recovered with squats. Dang Dominion had to have his own group increasing squat recovery by several.

Pullups X 4 – three Pax on the bar, others recovered with rotating lunges. Dang Dominion had to have his own group, increasing lunge recovery.

Pullups X 3 – three Pax on the bar, others recovered with Merkins. Dang Dominion – again (DD)

Pullups X 2 – same, recovered with squats. DD

Pullups X 1, – same, recovered with lunges. DD

PAX were encouraged by their new found strength on the pullup bar, so we then completed the same round 5,4,3,2,1 with Toes to Bar.

Mosey to block pile and split into groups of two, which was highly confusing for 10 PAX. It did require us to count 5 blocks and form 5 groups. The Toes to Bar has them rattled at this point. 150 combined block (kettle bell) swings while the other partner bear crawls approximately 20 yards. Wee Wee has started complaining at this point.

Mosey back to pullup bar and stay in your group. Each team would do 5 pullups and call an ab exercise for the others. That was followed by each team doing 3 Toes to Bar while calling out an ab exercise. We seemed to have some confusion about what constitutes an ab exercise, but all got better.

Mosey to the trash can and it stunk. Do 30 block thrusters per team, while the partner runs backwards 40 yards. A little complaining but the low number shut’em up.

Put the blocks up, mosey to the uphill straightaway. Run backwards to first light, then run forwards around the circle. Plank walk about 60 yards, that was stupid. We ran again, then went to the flag for some Mary.

Finished up with five minutes of Mary. Heel touches, superman, reverse superman, LBC’s, and other stuff.

When I got back home, I told Faith that the PAX thought I had gotten the Q from her. Her question was “Did you do yoga?” Ha, no.

Prayers Requests
Wee Wee neighbor – car wreck – Ken Joyner
Aunt – infection – having surgery
Brainac neighbor – motorcycle wreck/ 8 year old
Dominion Brother – hospital

AO Anniversary – 2 years this Thursday – Dominion on the Q
Escobar Marathon Sunday Morning
Dominion – pay the man if you doing P200/D2D

It was a miracle that Saul was converted after killing so many Christians. In Acts 9, Ananias is tasked with visiting Saul in Damascus. While He questions God about the assignment, He goes ahead and follows through. It was a big deal in the early church for Ananias to have to go in the same room with Saul, who had been so brutal towards Christians. But He did it, showing grace, mercy and forgiveness. He laid hands on Paul restoring his sight and giving him the Holy Spirit.

I couldn’t imagine having to be the one to face Saul and believe He had changed. It would have been nerve wracking. But we all face difficult circumstances at times, and we become better when we forgive and get beyond the negative thoughts about those who do us wrong or we perceive to have done us wrong. It helps us to move forward and it can restore others to go and do great things, much like Paul.