• When: 2017-12-26
  • QIC: Kitty
  • The PAX: McLovin, Collar, Chop Shop, Wally, McNugget, Duckie, Splinter*, Furlough, Eldrick, RA, Garnish, Billy Bob, Misfire, Kitty, Polo

HammerFox Post-Christmas Convergence Part I

Conditions:  35, cold and clear

15 ish men converged on Swampfox for the annual post-Christmas convergence part I with part II at Hammer on Thursday.  As usual, Hammer showed up in force with 10 regulars (11 with Splinter’s  late arrival) while Swampfox had a weak turnout with 4 if you count our illustrious current Nantan (with his 2nd SF post in a week).

30 SSH in cadence

Mosey out parking lot down Clemson toward Trenholm

Stop ½ way for 20 Squats IC, 15 LBAC Fwd IC, 15 LBAC Bwd IC

Continue down Clemson crossing Trenholm to Lonsford up hill to midway point

Commence the Hilly Beast (6 exercises, 6 stations, 6 reps each)

1-Mountain Climbers (4 count)



4-Hand Release Mercans

5-BB Sit Ups

6-Burpees (done at 6 stops on our way back from Lonsford to AO with final round done at AO)

Flutters  x 20 IC

2 Dozen Mercans to close it out.

Post at Hammer on Thursday for second round of Hammerfox.  Hope to see a better showing out of the Swampfox pax.  Most of you were missed.


Announcements:  NYE Convergence in works.  Merry Christmas!