• When: 2017-12-26
  • QIC: Tiger Blood
  • The PAX: Recall, Dunphy, Notebook, Voltron, Rumble Strip

OK, whatever. That’s nice.

6 PAX showed up disappointed that Pew had to postpone his VQ, and remained disappointed throughout YHC’s Q. Apathy and dispassion ruled the morning as YHC re-learned rule #6.B in the Q-school handbook: Don’t give the PAX a choice- just beat them down mercilessly and they will rejoice and be happy. 3 PAX for Stride Lite.

Conditions: High 30’s with occasional showers of pessimism

Disclaimer: YHC is not Pew, Pew is not coming.


The Thang:
During YHC’s 3:30 morning #Twittertime, YHC observed Pew would be on the IR today and would not make his VQ. YHC stepped in to facilitate a 45-minute round of dealer’s choice. Bad judgement #1.

SSH x 49 IC
TTT x 15 IC
Imperial Walkers x 20 IC

Mosey to block pile, grab a block, mosey to back of the school. Count off. This marked the beginning of the end as it went downhill fast from here.
From this point forward, the PAX took turns leading a variety of exercises mostly involving blocks. Notebook was even allowed to participate. Bad judgement #2. Exercises ranged from bear crawls, merkins, overhead presses, tricep extensions, lunges, block squats, block burpees, American hammers, block swings, and on.

After returning our blocks and heading back to our Virtual SF, they were informed that no Sally would be played this morning due to technical difficulties. Dunphy was not amused, as his 2018 calendar shoot is only a few months away.


New Year’s Convergence at LHS
Saluda Launch