• When: 2017-08-17
  • QIC: Chicken
  • The PAX: 19 - You know who you are

Guess who’s Back?

YHC post for the first time in a couple months to deliver a beat down of epic proportions to make up for a #fartq in June……. not really but work was had by all.  It’s funny how quickly one can get out of the routine of posting and how hard it is to get back.  How one forgets the pleasant exchange of #mumblechatter, Mungo’s flatulence and Reload’s excessively chipper mood in the gloom.  Thank you Reload for keeping an eye on the time!

The Thang:

Mosey to the grassy area close to the upper ball fields for a quick warm up

SSH x 15

TTT x 15

IW x 15

Mosey back up to the canteen (bathrooms with vending machine at upper ball fields)

Running the loop, complete the following exercises at said location:

1st turn – 15 Merkins

2nd          – 20 Squats

3rd           – 30 Step Ups (15 each leg)

4th           – 40 LBC’s

Start      – 5 Burpees

*Continue exercise and decrease reps at each stop by one every full lap.  YHC didn’t think this thru as we had uneven reps on certain stops.  Nonetheless, I think we all figured it out.

**Al Gore on the 6

Mosey to the hill between ballfield and lower playset

Reverse walk/run to top of hill, 15 Monkey humpers, then Freedom Twists at bottom of hill for the 6.  R&R x 2

Mosey to said playset and Split group in half. 

15 Dips then 15 Big Boys  R&R x 5 minutes

Mosey back to the flag for Mary


OAC  (Mungo)

Merkins (Reload)

Lil Arm Circles (Stirrups)


FNG – Paul Shaffer (unsure of correct spelling) – David Letterman – F3 “Top Ten”

Apologies to all, recording did not save and I cannot remember all PAX nor announcements.

Pray for all students, grammar school to college, returning to classes.

Devo- A sign of the Times: It was brought to my attention Wednesday evening from the M, which is employed with the school district, that not only are there fire and tornado drills, but also LOCKDOWNS and LOCKOUTS. This struck a nerve within me as my daughter, chickadee, is just entering kindergarten this year.  As sad as it may be, I am pleased to know teachers are trained in these drills developed to protect our children long enough from the unimaginable until proper authorities arrive on the scene.