• When: 2017-08-18
  • QIC: Booster
  • The PAX: Olive Oil, Steel Toe, Watergate, Beandip, Phonebooth, Big Wheel, Pinot, Shag, JD, Bonsai, Red Tee, Double Fault, Lumbergh, Hokey Pokey, Scarlett, Pepto, Rebar, Phantom, Boo, Blades, Booster

Old Fashion UF at Clash

Humidity was high and definitely affected the grip on the frisbee. A lot of unforced errors and just plain misses today, but fun was had by all.

Your Top 5 moments:

  1. Double Fault laid an absolutely perfect frisbee to the back of the endzone from 40 yards out to a streaking Steel Toe. It went right through his hands. I think he could have opened his mouth and caught the frisbee with his teeth it was so perfectly delivered by Double Fault.
  2. What can we not say about Scarlett? He has been working on a side arm throw as evidence by him using that technique 93% of the time today. Along with his numerous sliding attempts that leaves an ungodly amount of strawberries on his legs, he is someone we will certainly miss on the field at Clash. Good luck in your endeavors in Texas Scarlett.
  3. Was a pretty physical game today- bodies colliding with bodies but I don’t think anyone got injured. Couple of collisions I distinctly remember: a Bonsai vs. Pinot collision, a Boo vs. Phonebooth collision, and a Beandip vs. Red Tee collision
  4. The horrendous smell of the pinnies was the real MVP of the game. Olive Oil hasn’t washed those things since the last solar eclipse.
  5. 21 PAX is on the borderline of problematic. May need to look at two separate games in the near future


  • Give2Give Campaign- http://f3nation.com/2017/07/29/give2give-august-1-31-2017/
  • Futbol next week at RBHS

Prayer requests:

  • Olive Oil work trip to Phoenix
  • Beandip’s wife and family in the loss of her father
  • Scarlett moving to Tyler, TX for internship for next two years