• When: 2017-08-17
  • QIC: Nub
  • The PAX: Rollo, Ace, Nub, Babe, Belding, Puck, Pullout, Matlock, Swayze, Hollywood, Shankapotomus(R), Wino, Happy Trees

Do you hear a Whistle?

YHC awoke to not really having a plan of attack this morning, but what he did have in tow was a helper so I knew by the time it was all over it would all come together and be a productive morning of betterment at Smokehouse.  Tclaps to the wonderful humidity as it may or may not have contributed to the moistness that followed.

Conditions: 76 and a tiny bit humid

1 Min Warning



The Thang:

Mosey to track and line up, guessing game to determine helper was won by Happy Trees and as I knew any of the hard working Pax of Smokehouse would, he declined the free pass for any one exercise of this mornings beatdown for guessing YHC’s helper…the WHISTLE was presented and was explained that at any point during the WO you heard the WHISTLE pax would start a choppin them feet and at every blast after the chop drop it to the ground for some wonderful up downs.  As this WO was largely composed of football type conditioning, YHC tried to give an analogy of “laying some wood” but that analogy was grossly misconstrued so we moved on to the beatdown.

First exercise Karaoke facing stadium and approx 25 yds, starting positions/move….WHISTLE!!!  chop em and hit it boys.  Up downs, upon completion of up downs continue on to exercise called, Karaoke down and back.

Next exercise, High knees, starting positions/move….WHISTLE!!! you know the drill-up downs, then down and back high knees.

Next exercise, back pedal…WHISTLE!!! ah yes more up downs, then back pedal down and back.

Mosey to stadium.  Starting at one end pax will now complete Snakes, down stadium steps back up and over to next, so on an so forth until we ended at opposite end of stadium.  Plank for the six then…WHISTLE!!! by now pax finally grasped the concept of chop feet on first whistle and then each whistle going forward up downs, see i knew you guys could do it!

Mosey back to practice field and line up in groups of 3 behind tires. Tires were to be pushed in 10 yd clips in basically a mountain climber position by a member of the group and other members would lunge to catch pusher, new member then pushed tire and so on and so forth the length of the field, once at the opposite end we’d rinse and repeat back to the starting goal line but now the non-pushers would backwards lunge to catch pusher #crowdpleaser but before starting back…WHISTLE!!! up downs and then back to opposite goal line.

Tires up and mosey to brick pile, each pax grabbed two bricks for our relaxing station of the WO.  Since Bull in the Ring would probably have ended badly we audibled to Ring of fire with pax planking and each member doing curls4girls until ring was completed.  Next round was front raises around the ring.

Bricks up and mosey to goal line WHISTLE!!! up downs then line up in two groups behind cones set up in a square approx 25 yds apart.  Each line would bear crawl to cone in front then turn and crab walk to cone to side then crawl bear back to opposite starting cone reverse and head back doing same exercises until back at original cone.

Cones up and back to goal line in same 2 lines.  WHISTLE!!! up downs.  Then each pax would drop to a 3pt stance, sprint 40 yds mosey 20 yds then sprint 40 more yds.

Regretfully, YHC checked time and realized the morning fun was over without a trip to Hite Hill for some OT work but alas, gotta save some fun for the next Q.

Mosey to shovelflag

Moleskin:  Nice work as always done by all this morning!  And guys, remember if there is ever a doubt, just LAY SOME WOOD!!!

Count/name o rama


8/19 – BC followed by Pull-up bar construction (stage 1)
8/26 – Stomp the Swamp 5K (for those not participating, completion of Pull-up bars)

Sept is core WO month @ Smokehouse, EH those non-runner back out
9/8 – Blue Ridge Relay. Preblast here: http://f3nation.com/2016/12/19/pre-blast-2017-f3-lexington-blue-ridge-relay/

9/16-Never Forget Memorial WO @ Smokehouse (pre-blast forthcoming)

Prayer requests/BOM