• When: 2020-07-21
  • QIC: Lapdog
  • The PAX: Uncle Rico, Lemon, Fool’s Gold, Hokie Pokie, Slate, Phonebooth, TNT, Moose, Joanna, Brother Si, Clarese, Hairnet, Lunch Lady, Soccer Mom, Turtle Head, Jazz Hands, Starkist, Leattner, Road Rash, Milkman, Smithers, Neckbrace

Growing Pains

YHC was truly honored by the 23 Pax’s who showed up to help me celebrate 3 years of doing stupid things in the gloom, including what was planned for today.



The Thang

Personally, I’m a firm believer in proper warm ups in any bootcamp and to me there’s one exercise that stands out above the rest when it comes to a complete body warmup…

No one can argue that warming up with burpees to do more burpees isn’t smart.

30 x SSH IC
3 x Burpees
15x Windmill IC
6 x Burpees
30 x LAC’s IC
9 x Burpees

Mosey to middle school parking lot and line up for what hoped to be a crowd pleaser. Definitely was…
Pax started by bear crawling to the first parking space then 3 burpees, bear crawl to next space then 3 burpees, rinse and repeat till pax reached the end of the parking lot. On the way back crab walk and 3 burpees each space. Modify with lunge walk and merkins. Plank when done

Mosey to the pull up bars and grab a block or 2 bricks to take a break from burpees and it was here where my lack of professionalism was exposed by thinking man makers were just block burpees. Learn something new everyday right?

3 pull-ups (double the count with curls to modify)
Q’sac to second post (walk with block to modify)
3 man makers (double amount of squats with block to modify)
Q’sac back
6 pull-ups
Q’sac to second post
6 man makers
Q’sac back
9 pull-ups
Q’sac to second post
9 man makers
Q’sac back

Mosey back to shovel flag for some ab work and of course a few more burpees to bring it home.

30 x LBC OYO
3 Burpees
30 x American Hammer OYO
6 x Burpees
30 x flutter kicks OYO
9 x burpees

Tclaps to Joanna stickin with the 20lb vest throughout the whole workout.
Big shoutout/tclaps to Fools Gold for staying consistent with his leadership through action in supporting his fellow brother. Bringing The Men of Depot over to GOAT is not an easy task for any man, but you somehow pulled it off and it was greatly appreciated brother.



Proverbs 27:17, “Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” Looking back from where I was when I first joined F3 to who I am now after 3 years, it reminded me of all the times/moments that I clearly remember as moments of growth due to the men that I was surrounded by. The first and biggest one was in a pest control meeting where Kevin Hunt aka MIB invited me to come do stupid things really early in the morning with a bunch of other guys. I was reluctant but I gave him a date that I was moving and said I would come check it out after I moved. So I guess his obsession with seeing others suffer caused him to hold me to that date and dragged me to my first BC. Will always be grateful for what he introduced to me through F3.

A great moment that always will stick out is one that happened my first day where Tuber who was the Q “picked up the 6” which was yours truly and  pushed me through the nonsense that was being asked of us that morning . He definitely saved me from never wanting to come back to do terrible things like burpees before the sun even rises… ESPECIALLY after spewing merlot in front of a bunch of guys I just met. That push from Tuber and MIB encouraging me to stick with it, was a great beginning to “embracing the suck” for me.

With many moments afterwards like “The Smithers Q” that gave me the worst introduction to burpees, pushing through my first marathon with Fools Gold, the push Spano gave me to try to outrun him during P200, which I think everyone is wise enough to know the outcome of that (hint: wasn’t me), the amazing discussions had during Billy and many more that could be listed.

All these moments have a common theme and it’s the push of the man next to me. Which is why I’m truly grateful for men of F3 and the improvements I have made in these three years. I know I have a lot to still improve on but it make it easier when you are surrounded by men like the ones in F3. #ISI

Run Group w/ Speed work option Cate Center Friday @6

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