• When: 2021-08-12
  • QIC: Katniss (R)
  • The PAX: Honeybun (R),Deadstick (Rx2), Harp(R), Katniss (R), Brainiac, Emmy, Icarus, Bunkbed, PETA,

Greta 1 2 3


Ralphie was there too 

Conditions warm and muggy, thanks “climate change”

No FNGs 


COT/ prayer 

The thang, 

Put car keys in the bag of poor decisions 

Mosey to block pile 

Circle up for warm up 

SSH 10 4CT IC 

LBACs 10/10 F/R 4ct IC 

TTT 10 4ct  IC fully erect Tinkle style 

Windmills 10 4ct IC 

Mosey to goal line for some Gretas

Greta is Doras Icelandic cousin . How dare you question the heat her exercises bring. 

Greta 1-2-3

Dora’s Icelandic Cousin…she’s frigid. It’s like Dora 1-2-3 but performed with each exercise using a cinderblock (YHC used goblet squats,  OH press,  and block swings) . The “runner” is OH carrying another cinderblock to leave at the 50 yard line for the other to carry back(If you  are not carrying a  block then sprint 50yrds). When partnered Pax finish 100 goblet squats, 200 overhead presses, and 300 block swings then 1 partner will plank while the other partner runs or carries the block when they returned they will switch places and continue to all are finished. So if you want to be fast you have a penalty. It’s terrible and horrible combined.

Finally we finished with a merkin ring of fire 2 4 6 8. The sweat was dripping like a faucet while holding plank. 

Finish em off with sprint up the big boy stairs 83 of them requested by the war baby Icarus.

Count o rama and name o rama 
Stomp the swamp 21st
Snakepit trash pick up 21st
Emmys family 
PETAs son
Eberts dad 
YHC s moms new move to Florida 
Brothers, it is very easy to fall into this trap. And the devil counts on it. Imagine the damage he could do to our group of men if we let our personal preferences, political affiliations, ideologies, and differences turn us against one another. I am here for you no matter what you believe.
So, as the Holy Spirit says: “Today if you hear his voice do not harden your hearts”… Hebrews 3:7
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We are reviewing the Exicon and Lexicon Submission. We will turn it all back on again sometime in the future. For now, consider starting a local region version.

Count o rama 

Name o rama 


Snakepit trash pick up 21st 

Stomp the swamp 21st


Emmys family 

YHCs mom

Eberts dad

All spoken and unspoken 



Do not Harden your heart

August 12

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