• When: 2021-08-05
  • QIC: Whitney
  • The PAX: Paint Chip, Buddy Love, Soccer Mom, Hostel, Fools Gold, Jazz Hands, Lumberg, Devito, Neckbrace, FNG (Flash Dance), Red Tape, Dracula, Bout Time, Darla, Laettner, Tramp Stamp, Blart, Whamo, Bird Strike, Box Wine, Moose, YHC

Getting all the points at Depot!

22 Pax coming out for all of the points at Depot this morning.

Conditions – Moist and sweaty but cool for the season.

Disclaimer was given

FNG was recognized and given appropriate instructions

Warm Up:

TTT x 10

LBAC x 10FW x 10Reverse

Grab a block while YHC grabs his bluetooth speaker that some thought was a purse

Seriously though, it’s a JBL.  Quality Bluetooth Speaker

The Workout:

Line up on sideline of field with block

5 Bent Over Rows

5 Standing Chest Press

5 Shoulder Press

Lunge with block halfway across field

5 Block Burpees/Blockees

STH block to far sideline

5 Flutter Kick Chest Press

5 Big Boy Situp Block Press

STH block to middle of the field

5 Block Burpees/Blockees

Lunge with block back to start

Repeat with 10 reps each

Repeat with 15 reps each *Without taking block from start line* – jog to middle – 15 burpees – jog to end – 15 Flutters/15 BBSU – jog to middle – 15 burpees – jog to start

Repeat with 10 reps

Repeat with 5 reps

At this point I called everyone back to the start line from where they were at with instructions to complete 1 last round of 5 together as a group on me to pick up the 6.

Finish with 5 penalty burpees OYO because people couldn’t stay together as a group.

If you did all the burpees/blockees then you ended up with 105 completed with a full body workout of everything else!  Well done everyone.


FNG – works in finance for a steel company – steel – weld – spark – flash – flash dance.  Welcome Flash Dance

Announcements – Get yo points. Convergence Saturday.

Prayer Requests – None.  Stay Blessed.



I Wanna Dance With Somebody – Whitney

The Fox (What Does the Fox Say) – Ylvis

The Space Between – DMB

Higher Love – Kygo/Whitney

My Own Worst Enemy – Lit

I’m Gonna Be – The Proclaimers

What I Got – Sublime

Ants Marching – DMB

Fat Lip – Sum 41

Run-Around – Blues Traveler

Closing Time – Semisonic

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