• When: 2019-06-25
  • QIC: Happy Trees
  • The PAX: Babe, Putz, Hollywood, Pullout, Shankopotamus (R), Urkel, Nub, Mermaid, Rabbi, Wilson, Belding, Happy Trees

Get in that corner and do some monkey humpers young man!

Some things always sound better in your head. Eh…you live, you learn. The most important thing is this, 12 PAX defied the fartsack and posted for some fellowship ITG. Everyone worked hard and we tried to prepare ourselves for the day. Let’s get our minds right and get even bigger numbers Thursday. The more the merrier.

Conditions: 68 and humidity abound

Disclaimer.                                                                    Prayer

COP: TTT x12 IC, Windmill x12 IC, Merkins x10 IC, Squats x 10 IC, SSS x20 IC

The Thang:                                                                    4 corners x6 in 3 different locations Partner Style.

The first set of 4: P1 does monkey jumpers while P2 runs:to the next corner for monkey humpers.  The second set of 4:, P1 does LBC while P2 runs to the next corner for LBC.                                         The third set of 4: P1 monkey humpers, P2 bear crawl long side to monkey humpers. Short side crab crawls between corner monkey humpers.      The fourth: burpees                                                   The fifth: burpees.                                                       The sixth: LBC and lunge the long side, broad jump the short side

To the flag for Mary


PRAYER REQUEST: praise, Baconator recovering.  Babe expressed thanks for all the prayers for his fam

Announcements: July 10th Active shooter training at Wittenberg Lutheran, leesville 6 pm (Contact Pullout)