• When: 2018-05-15
  • QIC: Rook
  • The PAX: Rumblestrip, Blue Rhino, Bar Crawl, Banjo, Weak sauce, Tool Time, Hostel, Tardy, Stinkbait

Full Body Beatdown Under the Stars

The Thang


Lap around the Detention parking lot

20 Imperial Walkers IC
20 Hand-release Merkins

15 Tricep dips
15 Derkins
14 Tricep dips
14 Inclined Merkins
13 Tricep dips
13 LBC’s
12 Tricep dips
12 Derkins
11 Tricep dips
11 Inclined Merkins
10 Tricep dips
10 LBCs

Death Star – Bear crawl to 5 different stations (points of a star) for a total of 125 yards of bear crawl.

25 reps x 5, dealer’s choice for a total of 125 reps.

5 Burpees at the center of the star for a total of 25 Burpees

Pain Circuit – At the bottom of the big hill, 5 stations set up with the acronym STARS

S-Sacks. Carry a ruck sack to the top of the hill with your partner, touch the wall run back down

T-Tooth fairy. AMRAP Tooth fairy waiting for station 1.

A-Al Gore. Hold Al Gore waiting for station 2.

R-Russian Twist. AMRAP Russian Twist waiting for station 3.

S-Squats. AMRAP Squats waiting for station 4. When done, move to station 1.

Two circuits completed.

Prayers and Announcements: Nothing doing today.
Devotion: Basically, stronger together.