• When: 2021-06-01
  • QIC: Hemingway
  • The PAX: Twerk, Dominion, Blue Bloods, Skid Mark, Tinker, Escobar, Bogie, Key Chain, Mulligan, Richter

Follow the Leader at Surge

YHC dug one out of the vaults for a little “FUN” this morning. As it was explained to the PAX, Escobar (former Surge AOQ) and I first met on a Cryptonite Q (years ago) while completing a very similar Fracture Q. 

One Minute Warning: Given at 5:15ish

Disclaimer: I assured PAX I was not a professional

Prayer: Thank you Lord for bringing us together this morning. I certainly wouldn’t have been here had I not been the Q.

The Weather: 55 Degrees, clear with little, if any, wind. Nice

Warm Up:

-Mosey to the Rear Playground

-10 Burpees

The Thang:

  • X10; +1 with each new round
  • Mosey to Each Station
    • Back playground Rows
    • Basketball Court Line Drills
    • Block Pile Napalms
    • Bottom of the Side Parking Lot Straightaway Burpees
    • Top of the Side Parking Lot Straightaway Big Boys
    • Bottom of the Exit Hill Hand Release Merkins
    • Top of the Exit Hill Squats
    • Bottom Entrance Hill Iron Crosses
    • Beginning Front Parking Lot Straightaway Imperial Walkers
    • End Front Parking Lot Straightaway Mountain Man Makers
    • Front Drive Jog
    • Front Parking Lot Backpedal
    • Rear Concrete Walking Pad Bear Crawls
    • Rinse and Repeat


-Convergence June 5th at Surge

-Surge Pre-Order Shirts


-Blue Blood’s Uncle

-F3 Lake Murray Pax involved in boating accident

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