• When: 2020-12-01
  • QIC: Flea
  • The PAX: Flea (Q), Sterling, Fortnite, Bunkbed, PETA, Honeybun (R), Pups(RR) , Harp(R), Katniss (R)

Flea Q Remix

Conditions cold wet


No FNGs 

Prayer / COT 

Good to see the pax at it early for SL some rucking, some running,  some doing some laps and big boy stairs.  

Warm up 

Various warm up exercises in prescribed routine by Flea

Grab a block and partner up 

Line up on track

10 block burpees at first corner 

Then 1 pax carries both blocks 100 meters as fast as possible.  While other pax moseys along for support.  Sterling and PETA picked up the pace with block carries. HB picked up the pace too. Great push men. Next corner an ab exercise in 4ct(iron crosses w block OH,flutter kick block OH, LBCs, etc each time we hit this corner) 

Next 100 meter double block carry by other partner 

3rd corner is legs each time( lunge w block, squats w block, etc )

Double block carry to 4th corner 

Arm exercises w block ( block merkins,  derkins, stagger merkins,etc)

Double block carry to 1st corner for another  10 block burpees.  

Keep making rounds corner to corner  same fashion switching exercises 

Put up blocks 

Big thanks to Flea for leading this morning 

Mosey back to flag up the big boy stairs 

Count o rama and name o rama 


Lexington SAFE run sign up will post link on DM board 

Snakepit hosts new years convergence 

Sterling returning to Washington state will miss this beast brought some fresh energy to BC.

Good to have Fortnite and his youthful energy as well. 




Steamers son / family 

Me and my none existant relationship w my Dad

Fleas daughter  and God daughter 

Man I know I forgot someone but He did not.

My Ms birthday is tomorrow we have spent half our lives together.  There was a time when things weren’t going well at all. I was an absent man just going through the motion(ie sad clown) . Through F3 I have grown to realize what my M really means to me and I owe that and many other changes to F3 and the men surrounding me. My hope and prayer for the new year is that whatever you men are struggling with that you know you can bring it with you to BC and lay it down. Please share your troubles, thats what we are here for. 

Love you brothers





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