• When: 2020-12-15
  • QIC: Cheers
  • The PAX: Twerk, Scream, Mulligan, Lt Dan, Pole Dance, Key Chain, Bogie, Dominion, Cheers

Feeling the “Surge” of Brotherhood

It was a beautiful morning to lead the men of Surge today.  Clear, crisp, mid 30’s and wearing gym shorts, just a couple of miles from the house, and hanging out with some great dudes.  These men are tight knit, but always make you feel welcome as a guest Q.  Great fellowship and brotherhood is always present here.

Here’s how it went today:

Conditions:  Mid 30’s, clear and cold


Mosey to parking lot in front of the straightaway of the car line


TTT x 10

LBAC x 10 each way

SSH x 10

Mosey to straightaway:

At each light pole:

  • Shawshank Redemptions x 5 (Squat, Bonnie Blairs 2 count, and Burpee all in one motion =1)
  • 5 total light poles

Mosey to side of school to picnic tables:

  • Dips, Incline, decline Merkins x 25
  • 2 steps at curb
  • Calf raises feet inward x 33, outward x 33, straight forward x 34
  • Rinse and repeat x 2

Mosey to back of school to playground:

  • Pull ups x 5
  • Merkins x 10
  • Squats x 15
  • Mountain climbers x 20
  • Rinse and repeat x 3

Mosey to BBall court:

  • Line up behind BBall goal
  • Lunge to goal in center of two courts
  • Bear crawl to end of second court
  • Rinse and repeat back to other end

Mosey back to flag:


6 inches x 1 minute

Freddie Mercury x 1 minute

Hello dollies x 1 minute

Iron cross x 1 minute

2 minute stretch



  • 12/20: Surge will be converging at 5:30am as usual in Lowes Foods parking lot.  At 6:30 they will run with FiA for the Digits run at Lexington High School.
  • Lexington SAFE run 1/1; sign up for open time: http://ttsu.me/safe2021
  • Dam to Dam 2/21
  • P200 in March 


  • Notebook
  • No Show
  • Sick and injured PAX
  • Our nation and its leaders
  • Marriages
  • Virus victims
  • Unspoken

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