• When: 2020-12-15
  • QIC: Harper Valley, Cornwallis and Mayhem
  • The PAX: Cornwallis, Schrute, Big Load, Ricco, Wojo, Treebark, Dufresne (Respect), Neon (Respect), Kiffin, Sacagawea(Respect), Abacus(Respect), Mayhem(Respect), Crackhead(Respect), Skipper(Respect), Whaler(Respect), Heisenberg, Stats (respect), Harper Valley


Conditions: 33 and Crisp

Intro:  YHC and his two minions had the privilege of leading 18 Pax on this cold December morning.  YHC procurred help the night before while having probably one too many cold Bourbon drinks and thus knew that he could count on his faithful team to probably be doing the same.  Cornwallis never disappoints. Although I had hoped for a PAX fartsac,  much like every F3 Morning, the PAX slowly emerged onto Rectory Square like the battered soldiers returning from furlough in The Patriot!

Q’s felt as if Santa needed some help to prepare for Christmas and thus we set up 3 separate stations with a variety of themes to assist Old St. Nick.

Warm Up:

SSH  X 25 IC


Count Off Into 3 Groups and follow the Qs to designated Stations.  Rotate to next station when finished:


Station 1:  Rudolf Run from COP around entire Park to Fountain

Station 2Down the Chimney:   Step Up/Jump down into 12 Squats
(rinse & repeat X12) 12 Step ups and 144 Squats

Station 3:  Santa’s Helping Hands
25 reps IC of LBAC (forward and Backwards) Raise the Roof, OH Claps


Station 4:  Load Santa’s Sack
Lunge Walk from one side of Tennis Court to other. Sprint Back
Rinse & Repeat

Station 5:  Melting Frosty
Suicide Merkins. 10, 20, 30 
(rinse & repeat) or do some random set of Merkins and running as per Cornwallis group

Station 6: Abdominal Snowman
LB Crunch X 25 OYO
Flutter Kicks X 25 OYO
Freddie Mercury X 25 OYO
Oblique Crunch X 25 left and then Right OYO
American Hammer X 25  OYO


Station 7: Load the Sleigh
Sprint- OH Carry Concrete Blocks to Cone and back (Rinse & Repeat)

Station 8:  Toys Makers and Tree Toppers
2 X Toy-Makers (Man-makers) and 5 X Tree Toppers (Jumping Squats)
(rinse and repeat X 6)

Station 9: Building Santa Arm Strength
Curls X 25 OYO w/Blocks
OH Press X 25 OYO w/Blocks
Chest Press X 25 OYO w/Blocks

Station 10:  Santa Calf Raises X 25 IC
(Rinse & Repeat 9 & 10)

Count-O-Rama: 18 Pax


Moleskin:  YHC has been in and out of @F3Camden this year more times than Gary Busey or Heather Locklear at Rehab and the absence of Fitness, Faith and Fellowship has been abundantly apparent especially in YHC overall fitness.  It was good to be out this crisp morning and even better to lead this great band of brothers as the Q.  YHC also took executive privileges this morning by sharing the importance of my faith and personal Spiritual walk.  I may not always look like the best example of light and salt but my light shines bright because of He who shines through me!

We Are F3Camden.