• When: 2020-12-15
  • QIC: Jar Jar
  • The PAX: Silent Bob, Silver Bullet, McNugget, Pipeline, Maytag, Corndog, Chewy, Pondo, Teddy, Odyssey, Booboo, Heist, TomTom, Jar Jar, Postal

Big Times at the Darkest AO


Well, today was the (slightly delayed) day we have been looking forw……I mean dreading, when TomTom passes on the mantle of AOQ for Columbia’s darkest and original one-hour weekly AO. Obviously this has been a struggle of year with many changes, but via TomTom’s leadership we have continued to invigorate and serve our community while improving our fitness. You know, despite the exterior, he actually has a heart of gold, and has stepped up during this battle and done the dirty work. That being said, it was time to get metaphorically dirty with some unpleasantness around Hampton Park.


Grab bricks, mosey to COP

Various warmups, to include SSH, TTT, Merkins, Freddie Mercury’s, Imperial Walkers. Mosey to front of B-ball court.

With bricks (heat-sapping evil bricks), run up, 2 burpees, run down, 10 SSHs, rinse and repeat, up and down, always totaling 12 on each lap.

With bricks, same pattern, but 10-20-30-40-50 squats to match the SSHs.

Break for AOQ handoff, and handoff last 15m to Jar Jar.

Welsh Dragons on the bball court. Flutters x 50. Mosey to COP.

Russian twists, Hello Dolly, Superman.


Announcements: F3 10 year has been moved to October 2021. Dredd has passed on Nan’tan to Slaughter.

Prayer requests: Thanks that Jar Jar’s son surgery going well. Pipeline’s dad battling with prostate cancer.

   Thank you TomTom for your year of service. Woodshed and Legion (via Pondo) led the way back out of the pandemic, especially with driveway workouts and then Target parking lot. It has been a challenging year but you have helped us pull through and continue to accelerate when everything else is trying to hold us back.


Devo: Servant-leadership. As demonstrated, the model Christ gave us is of humility, of taking the dirty jobs nobody else wants (in His case, actually dying for us), of washing feet and sacrificially putting others first. That is what we as men are all called to, whether in F3, our jobs, or our homes. That may require stepping back, stepping forward, holding others accountable, or more, but it is what our spheres of influence need. As AOQ, in a time of transition, I hope to be that for y’all and look forward to seeing y’all continue to labor alongside me.



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