• When: 2021-01-01
  • QIC: Quisenberry, Steele Toe, Knock Off, Bunkbed, Katniss (R), Ebert
  • The PAX: Katniss (R), Soaker, Doggy Paddle, Dunphy(R), Adluh, Cheers, Papa Georgio, NavyBean(R), Ebert, DoubleFault(R), Boo(R), Little Giants, Breakfast Club, Tailpipe, Overnight, Pennystock, Knockoff, Handlebar, Sauerkraut, Twister, Skeeter, Natureboy(R), DOT, Sunday Driver, Bulldog, (?)Forest, Juice, Floppy disk, BooBoo, ThumbsUp(R), BreakerBreaker(Rx2), Deadstick(Rx2), Cheddar(?), Quisenberry (Nantan), Canseco, Bunkbed, PETA, Pine tar, Casio, Mud flap, Headgear, Cowbell, (?)29yr old couldn't hear name, Steele Toe, Knozit(R), Rebar, Kendoll, Milli Vanilli, Voltron(R), ShakeNBake, Buttermaker(R), Little Poppy, Jessie's Girl, What?, Darpa. Sorry if I missed you or named you wrong ,audio was in and out.

F3 Lexington 2021 New Year’s Convergence

Conditions 54F very foggy and wet, perfect Gloom.

Disclaimer: no professionals here, injury is a distinct possibility modify as needed.


Nantan prays us in

Change doesn’t happen quickly, F3 is a lifestyle a long term commitment.  Put in the work and deal with the pain, ups, downs, feeling strong days , and weak days and it will form you into something you may or may not have envisioned but it will change you. Each year you will grow in many ways some ways faster than others. Many of us are learning life lessons that we may not even realized we lacked in. I have. These men around you will help form you into a better man but only if we show up and hold each other accountable.

Now get after it!

The thang,

56 +/- Pax disperse to run groups, UF , and Bootcamp pain stations

UF led by Steele Toe on main game field

I’m sure there was good mumble chatter and some awesome athletic moves on the soggy game field 

Run group shorter route 4.5 milesish

Led by Knock Off with some XL distance by a few pax as well.

Bootcamp 3 pain stations :

Station 1 led by Bunkbed 

1. 20 SSH at bottom
2. Bear crawl up stairs
3. 21 flutter kick 2 count up top
4. Lunges to next corner
5. 20 BBS
6. Crawl bear down stairs
7. 21 American Hammer 2 count
8. Jog back to start. Rinse and repeat

Station 2 led by Katniss

The Big Boy Stairs 7 flights, 83 steps.

Pax start at bottom 7 jump squats/squat jumps run up the BBS then 7 burpees.  Back down BBS adding 1 rep to exercises each time BBS are completed. AMRAP in time allowed.

For those pax that needed a 2021 relationship to the pain station

7 landings of stairs,  7 jump squats, 7 Burpees = 21 starting reps. There it is.

Station  3 led by Ebert

Grab a block from the sand pile and

15 block burpees, 15 thrusters, murder bunnies around the block circle, 10 merkins IC, 10 squats IC, 10 curls for the girls IC, 10 tricep extensions IC, I’m a little tea pot 10 IC on each leg, colt 45s, and 10 Derkins IC


Count o rama and name o rama
Ending prayer by our Nantan


Lexington safe run

The forge

Dam to Dam relay email was sent out for team captains contact Dam to Dam or Juice if needed.





All the usual spoken prayers for  pax and others we hold up in prayer during our regular AO BCs

Unspokens, I know you have them, we all do. I pray that one day you will have the strength through the Holy Spirit to share them with the men around you.  You are not alone. Building guardrails requires material. Some of that material is prime and some is broken, seemingly beyond repair.  He can take your broken material and make it into a stronger reinforcement. Each peice matters. 

If you were with us this morning you heard the Devo . Take time to reflect on it again.  If you weren’t with us this morning then read the Devo. 

Here’s the link


And check out The Forge on Sundays


Thanks to Thumbs Up and Shake N Bake for Devo and info on this opportunity to participate in more accountability. And thanks to our Natan Quisenberry for putting this thing together. 

Sorry if you left early and did not get counted  in count o rama / name o rama.

Great effort and teamwork out there this morning!

With love ,your brother,


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