• When: 2021-03-13
  • QIC: Super Secret Planning Team
  • The PAX: F3 Lake Murray F3 Columbia F3 Lexington

Cottonmouth 2021 Pre-Blast – Event Details (3/13/21)

Attention PAX!

After an excellent event in pre-Covid 2020, the annual Lake Murray CSAUP is back in 2021.  This time the event will be in….err I mean at Lake Murray.  The Cottonmouth will be held on Saturday, March 13, 2021, at Dreher Island State Park.  The launch time is tentatively 7:30am, with the event being completed by noon.  Per usual Cottonmouth protocol this event will have the proper mixture of 1st and 2nd F ballyhoo with a potential pinch of 3rd F.  New this year will also be the option to camp on Friday, March 12th and/or Saturday, March 13th, at DISP.  Details below.


Due to the nature of the event, some of the details will remain confidential until the morning of the event.  However, here are some details we can disclose:

  • When: Saturday, 3/13/21 at 7:30 am.
  • Where: Dreher Island State Park
  • Meeting Spot: Community Building
  • Who: F3 Lake Murray, F3 Columbia, F3 Lexington
  • Format: Team Scavenger Hunt
  • Teams: Teams will be announced the week of the event.  Each team will consist of a cross-section of the represented AOs across the Region(s).
  • Other Points
    • Each team will have to locate certain points and then complete certain tasks at each point.  The team who completes all tasks first and returns to the start will be the winner.  Sounds simple?  It’s not.
    • This is not a ruck event.  You are welcome to wear a ruck, but it’s not necessary or suggested.  Carrying water is advised, however.
    • The estimated distance to be covered is 8-10 miles.  However, it will be up to each team to stay within this distance.
    • A team captain will be appointed to lead the team.  Details about the responsibilities of the team leader will be provided at a later date.
    • The cost will be minimal, i.e. $10 or less, and this will only go to cover admission to DISP, some of the items needed, and possibly a donation to a charity of our choosing.
    • Like 2020, each team will be provided certain supplies you will to complete the event.  You will not know the nature of these items until the morning of the event.
    • T-Shirts – We are working on a design for the t-shirt, and that information will be announced in the coming weeks.


The Planning Team has secured 4 campsites on Lake Murray for the Pax to use.  We can take 24 Pax each night.  Cost will be determined by the number of Pax but should not be more than $10 per night.   Showers, facilities are available.  Pax need to reserve their spot by January 10th.  For those camping, we will have some good 2nd F time both nights as well as some 3rd F each morning.

So, what do we need from you at this point?  Well it’s simple.

First, you need to HC and send $10 to YHC at PayPal ([email protected]) or Venmo (@nickhaigler).  You can HC to YHC with a DM to @NickHaigler or by commenting below.

Second, you need to decide whether you wish to camp and HC ASAP.  You do not need to pay now as we need to see how many Pax are interested.

Third, you need to apply the Emotional Headlock to others.

Note: T-Claps to those planning this event.  Their time and effort is much appreciated.

Are you ready?


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