• When: 2021-03-06
  • QIC: Bulldog, Cartwheel, Weekend Special, Olive Oil, No Help
  • The PAX: Ranger-R, Floppy Disk, Juice, Mercy Rule, Waterboy, Cowbell, Blue Rhino, Muscles, Booster, Breaker Breaker-R, Jackhammer, Splinter, Iron Mary-R, Thumbs Up-R, Ken Doll, Wapner, Paper Jam, No Help, Cheddar-R, Columbo-R, New Helmet-R, Boo Boo, Spider, Twerk, Skid Mark, Lizard Man, Squirrel, Guac, Ram-Rod, Milli Vanilli, Shandy-R, Alter Boy, Slumlord-R, SheShed, Bubblewrap, Muggy Tape, Gypsy, Double Fault-R, Rebar, Small Toe, Katness-R, Deadstick-R, Lil Papi, Dominion, Rehab-R, Rugburn-R, Olive Oil, Stickynote, Notebook, Adluh, Po, DOT, Cartwheel, Knozit-R, Pennystock, Queso, Weekend Special, Netflix, Fast Casual, Voltron-R, Utah-R, Spackle-R, PYT, Forrest, Hemmingway, Soaker, Dirty Bird-R, Knievel-FNG, Potluck, Navy Bean, RugMaster, Pick Axe, Kenwood-R, Monster Jam, Quisenberry, Cyclops, Bulldozer, Jackhammer, Wild Hog-R, Cream Cheese, Stitches, Coon Dog, Lego, Cheers, Whisper-R, Barcrawl, Mowgli, Say What, Marvel, Rocking Chair-R, Good Hands, Canseco, Software, Hardware, Par 4, Handlebar, FM3, Steel Toe, Roller Skate-R, Meter, Goodman, Eggo, Twister, 7-Eleven, Buttermaker-R, Fanny, Blue Bloods, Cinco, Hoist, Bulldog


The Backblast construction is a bit rusty these days.  So, hang in there with me.  Can you believe Graveyard is quickly chasing down the Fast & Furious film franchise for most chapters.  Year 7 was celebrated this morning and it was great to see so many come out for a little twist on the normal Q.  The PAX were finally given a choice instead of being told what to do.  And let’s face it, the RBHS campus provides so many options and we can’t thank Lt Dan enough for being so accommodating.  Just what goes on throughout a week at RBHS:  Graveyard, Crypt, Boneyard, Stomp, Stomp & Go, Fuel, Clash, Reaper, Fuel, Full Court…..that’s a lot of options for the PAX. 

So, Nantan Quis asked us to pull together a celebration for Annivergence 7.  A few of us got together and decided on giving the PAX a choice for Saturday morning exercise.  WE hope you enjoyed your opportunity to perspire during what may be the last morning of Real Feels in the 30s before the SC heat humidity shows back up.  Here’s the recap:   

Conditions:  40 degrees with a noticeable Northeasterly breeze dropping that Real Feel into the 30s.

The Thang: find your way to a sideline or endzone by choosing your exercise option.

Far Endzone: Ultimate Frisbee-Olive Oil / Cryptonite – No Help/Hemmingway (The Murph)

Vistor Sideline:  Reaper XL, Ruck, & Boneyard with Weekend Special

Home Sideline:  Bootcamp with Cartwheel

Near Endzone:  Fuel with Bulldog

Warm-up:  SSHs x 25 IC, OHCs x 25 IC, TTTs x 15 IC, Merkins x 15

Hemmingway & Soaker were out early at 5:00 for The Murph at Cryptonite.

Olive Oil led the Pax for Ultimate Frisbee at the Pellet Palace.

No Help took Milli Vanilli and Splinter for the West Coast edition of The Murph at Cryptonite.

Weekend Special took his crew to Reaper Hill for the Reaper XL.  That consisted of running up Reaper Hill for 21 Merkins, back down Reaper Hill and across the street to the path leading down to lower campus, then LBCs x 21 at the bottom…rinse and repeat for 45 minutes.

Bulldog took a small crew of studs to the practice field for the first edition of Fuel in 2021.  What went down?  Sideline2Sideline x 20 and then we split into groups of 3 for the 100-yard relay for the remaining time.  Once you run your 100-yarder, the Pax owed Bulldog 7 Merkins, then wait for your next turn amongst your team.  Some Highlights…Spackle and Potluck abandoning Fast Casual mid relay and running for Reaper Hill.  DOT is Fast!  Team KD, Eggo, and Juice was team Flash.  Lego was a beast.  PYT did more Merkins than anyone.  Bulldog didn’t have enough songs with “RUN” in the title for KD.  Total miles for the workout averaged between 3-3.5.

Cartwheel took the majority of the group to the track for some team blockwork.  Here’s what went down:

8 teams of 5 and some had additional dudes.  Each person runs 100 yards and back while rest of the group has someone doing each workout.  The idea is to ask for help if you need to switch out.  No rotation unless that’s how the team wants to.  

Round 1- Merkins, SSHs, BBSUs, Alpos

Round 2- LBCs, Shoulder press with block, Lunges, Plank Jacks

Round 3- Block curls, Flutter Kicks, Bobby Hurley’s, Squats

Round 4- Iron Crosses, Chest press with block, Side lunges, Imperial Walkers

Round 5- Tricep extensions with block, Low Plank, Burpees, Mtn Climbers

Round 6- American Hammers, Dips on block, Squat Jumps, Shoulder taps

Round 7- as a team, 100 yards of murder bunnies racing other teams.  When not doing murder bunnies, teammates do Standing long jumps, bear crawls, duck walks, reverse bear crawl.  

Cartwheel said the 2.0s participating in bootcamp today killed it.

Everyone circled up around the stadium flag and counted off.  We introduced FNG-Knievel.  He is a 2.0 and like to ride dirt bikes.  Paper Jam named him 2.3 seconds. 


Cottonmouth next week-see Rocking Chair

P200-teams still looking for runners

Cross Ruck 4/2

Quis presented Ranger with his 2-year “appreciation” gift for completing his two years of Nantan-ship.  We appreciate you, Ranger!  And, thank you for all that you continue to do for F3LexSC. 

Weekend Special and Cartwheel provided quality Devo’s regarding what F3 has meant to them.  Two great Graveyard dudes that continue to do great things for F3LexSC. 

We had over 100 show up this morning…but, certainly noticed many that were not able to make it.  Reach out to a brother you didn’t see today.  Get ’em back out.  They need the EH.  

It was great to see Notebook out there.

Juice professionally prayed us out.  

Appreciate everyone coming out this morning.  It was great seeing so many of you.  



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