• When: 2022-04-21
  • QIC: Duraflame
  • The PAX: Pick Axe, Canseco, Booster, Butter Maker, Simon Says, Danceoff, Stars & Stripes

Duraflame 1YR Anniversary Q


The PAX: Pick Axe, Canseco, Booster, Butter Maker, Simon Says, Danceoff, Stars & Stripe

The Thang

Mosey to teacher parking lot: Stretch & Warmup
– side straddle hop x 10
– through the tunnel x 10
– windmills
– arm circles (forward)
– overhead clap
– arm circles (reverse)
– imperial walkers

Mosey to basketball court: pair up – big boy sit-ups / step ups & shoulder taps / dips at picnic tables (2×16)

Mosey to track: merkins – jog to other side of track – squats – jog back – plank jacks (repeat with count of 10, 8, 6, 4)

Mosey to stairs: 3 sets of calf raises

Peoples chair: arms out, overhead press

Hill work: 20 mountain climbers – bear crawl up hill – 20 little baby curls 3x

Mosey back to teacher parking lot:
Lunges across every two parking lines then followed by one burpee. Repeat until the last parking spot line.

Return to Flag: Planks, knee cups, heal touches, Freddie Mercury, iron crosses, starfish crunches, American hammer, slow mo squat

Count-o-Rama/ Name-o-Rama


4/23/22 @ 0600 Lexington High School, the inaugural Don’t Suffer Challenge

4/29/22 F3 Stitches LLS Blood Drive: https://t.co/alRmtkwmV4

Prayer Requests
– Sunday Driver’s dad

Focus on What Christ Has Called Us To Do

Devotional: Acts 1:6-8

The disciples were focused on the restoration of Israel and Had the mindset of Christ as a King. The last thing Jesus tells them before His ascension is to go into all the world and be witnesses for Him.

In our current world of uncertainty and unsettling situations, we often focus on how things can be better or make us comfortable (like the disciplines, we to are looking for the restoration of our own Israel). It is easy to get tied up mentally thinking about the future and things to come. “When will all of this worldly chaos come to an end?”

Instead we should remind ourselves like it says in Acts 1:7, the times and dates of the future have been set by God’s authority. Jesus Christ has settled the past.

Our responsibility is to focus on the present and make the most of our time among to ones we can influence the most and be witnesses of Jesus Christ to the ends of the Earth (Matthew 28:16-20).

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