• When: 2021-02-02
  • QIC: Katniss (R)
  • The PAX: Brainiac, Emmy, Sauerkraut , Deadstick (Rx2), Honeybun (R), Steamer, Harp(R),Finch, PETA, Katniss (R).

Double XL Brick Bear Crawls

Conditions cold and windy 

1 minute warning 

No FNGs 



As the pax gathered in the gloom a familiar face approached.  It was Steamer, been awhile,  good to see him again.  Good group for such a cold windy morning. 

Mosey to the brick pile.  Grab 2 XL bricks and circle up.  Even with insulated gloves the cold from the bricks permeated into the fingers throughout the workout making grip painful and leaving a deep ache in our fingers by workouts end.

Warm up 


20 merkins on bricks

Imp walkers 10 IC

LBAC 10/10 F/R IC

Copperhead squats 10 IC


Mosey to goal line. 

Bear crawl w bricks to 10yrd

Plank 1 min on bricks

Bear crawl 20 yrd line

Rows w bricks 30 ic alternating

Bear crawl 30 yrd line

Nolan ryans w bricks 15 ic each

Bear crawl 40 yrd line

Alternating arms in front 30 ic

Bear crawl 50 yrd line

Plank 1 min on bricks on 5o yrd line 

Bear crawl 40 yrd line

11s w bricks
BBSU and V ups 

Bear crawl 30 yrd line

11s curls for the girls other brick held over head

Bear crawl 20 yrd line

10 brick OH squats and 20 triceps w bricks

Bear crawl 10 yrd line

lunge w bricks 30 yards

OH Carry bricks 100 meters

Return bricks and mosey up big boy stairs to flag.  

Circle up for merkin ring of fire 2 4 6 holding plank until complete. 


Count o rama and Name o rama 


Dam2Dam relay February 20th 

Snakepit Trash pick up 27th of February

 Prayer request 

Spoken and unspoken by the pax 

Many ongoing prayer requests for these men.




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