• When: 2020-12-14
  • QIC: Cheers
  • The PAX: Blue Bloods, Hoist, Knowzit (R), Scooper, Ken Doll, Cheers

Don’t call it a comeback

YHC hasn’t Q’d at Bounty in a while and has not been doing much in terms of speed workouts lately, so today was fairly tough.  The Bounty men put in some good work and kept the pace at a high speed.  They seemed to enjoy the return of some stair work, which is always a crowd pleaser.  Thanks for the push today, men!

Here’s how it went today.

Conditions:  Cloudy; low 60’s


Warmup to first light pole:

Butt kicks


High Knees


400m mosey

2 mile change of speed:

From track start line

  • 100m half speed; 100m mosey for 4 laps
  • Walk 200m to lower heart rate
  • Rinse and repeat for 8 total laps

Mosey to small set up stairs in front of gym:


  • Up and down stairs = 1 cycle
  • Start with 5 cycles; 30s rest
  • Rinse and repeat, increasing cycle by 1 each time until time is called
  • Finished with 10 cycles; total of 45 cycles completed

Walk to breezeway:

  • Lunge to third pillar in breezeway
  • Half speed sprint through 5 pillars
  • Lunge to road separating breezeway

Recover mosey back to flag

Total distance:  3.5 miles


  • Safe Run  1/1 – 1/8
  • Dam to Dam in February
  • P200 in March


  • Notebook
  • No Show (Mitch Kelley)
  • Dominion’s daughter with high fever; will be getting a COVID test


YHC had the honor of collecting funds for the Salvation Army this weekend.  It’s amazing some of the stories that you hear on how the Salvation Army has helped people.  One lady spoke about how the organization helped her father after WWII to rehab his war injury and PTSD before that was even a thing.  Another lady in a wheelchair gave cash and asked how she could give more.  “Is there a Mission around here?”  “Why, yes ma’am, there certainly is!”  YHC saw the good side of people this weekend.  It made him realize, with all the bad we hear about on the news, there is also a lot of good.  YHC believes that there is much more good than bad out there.

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