• When: 2017-12-07
  • QIC: Lap Dog
  • The PAX: Slate, Knot, Smithers, Webber, Matchbox, Uncle Rico, Skunky

Da B.O.M.B.Squad

The air was crisp and the ground was wet. Perfect conditions for eight of GOAT’s finest to not to train for Kiawah.

My overwhelming enthusiasm was immediately noticed by everyone from which I was commended for. Then discussions began of Uncle Rico’s admiration of blow up decorations and excessive lighting.

Once procrastination ended, Merry began

20 SSH

20 TTT

25 LAC(15 forward and 10 back- additional 5 would come later after OCD took over the workout)

2. Mosey down to block pile and split into teams of 2 with each pair grabbing a block for the B.O.M.B.S workout. While one person did exercise the other would carry their teams block to the third light pole and back rotating till designated number of the exercise was completed.

B- Burpees (50)

O- Overhand Armclaps (100)

M- Merkins (150)

B- Bigboy Sit-ups (200)

S- Squats (250)

Blocks were returned and a mad dash to the flag ensued. To cure everyone’s anxiety of only doing 10 backwards LAC’s we completed the additional 5 to make it a matching 15. There dealers hand was initiated and was opened beautifully with Smithers favorite flash abs. Next was 35 monkey humpers where 8 men displayed perfect form as if they were training for the Daytona Beach Speing Break twerk contest. Next proceeded 20 Freddie Mercury’s and the finisher was 20 good ole Russian twists.

Only announcements were the leftover food from the Christmas party and discussions of next year.

prayers for Skunky to stay away from the courthouse steps