• When: 2017-12-09
  • QIC: Harp
  • The PAX: Spikes, Lil Woot, Kazoo, Steamer, Tinkle, Icarus, Hobby Lobby, Finch, Button, Kukoc, Buoy (Respect), Harp

Mushy Tundra

12 Pax post at snakepit for a cold mushy version of Ultimate Frisbee.  Kudos to the pax who came out in pretty cold nasty conditions and put in some great effort.  Cold hands made for some spotty catches, but it was an exciting and pretty well played game over all.

Conditions: high 30’s, wet, drizzle


Opening prayer

Mosey to the back of the field

Warmups in cadence:

SSH x 10

IW x 10

TTT x 10

Divide up and play!


Little Woot’s hands are improving and played the short game well.  The young guys, Icarus and Kazoo, ran 5 miles before camp (with HB) and still had tons of energy.  Tinkle, Kukoc and Button made nice throws, Steamer and Finch ran some long passes.  The play of the day was probably the last one as Kazoo threaded a pass to a diving, rolling Icarus in the end zone with Steamer covering him like a blanket.


Snakehandler and his family

Tinkle got the call from the M and rushed home.


Christmas party

P200 training