• When: 2019-06-06
  • QIC: Mayhem
  • The PAX: Big Load, Whaler (respect), Timber, Tree Bark, Stats (respect), Wojo, Mayplant (mad respect), Ratched, Abby Wambach (respect), Skipper, Harper Valley, Hero, Schrute, Ponzi (respect), Sacajawea (respect), Crackhead (respect), Tweetsie, Mayhem (respect).


Conditions: 74*  91% humidity

Disclaimer: YHC announces he is not a professional. Please modify as needed! YHC reflects on the 75th anniversary of D Day. Today’s workout will be in honor of the brave men that stormed those beaches seventy five years ago. YHC promises today’s workout will suck but at no time will there be any Nazis shooting at us.


SSH  x   25 IC
TTT  x   25 IC
LBACs  x  25 IC forward & reverse
Merkins  x  50 OYO


PAX moseys to Rectory/Fair to start ladder

Bodybuilders  x  10 OYO

PAX moseys to Fair/Chesnut

Bodybuilders  x  10 OYO
Iron Cross  x  20 OYO

PAX moseys to Chesnut/Lyttleton

Bodybuilders  x  10 OYO
Iron Cross  x  20 OYO
Merkins  x  30 OYO

PAX moseys to Lyttleton/Rectory

Bodybuilders  x  10 OYO
Iron Cross  x  20 OYO
Merkins  x  30 OYO
Crunches  x  40 OYO

PAX picks up blocks & heads to center of park for Elevens

Each PAX lines up on one set of cones & does 10 manmakers. Then prisoner lunge walk (lunge walk while holding block over your head) to far line of cones. At far line of cones one American Hammer with block. Bear crawl back to original line while dragging the block. Rinse & repeat decreasing manmakers by one & adding American Hammers by one until one man maker & ten American Hammers. Due to time running out PAX was unable to complete the full Elevens. Probably better suited for a Saturday workout (Q makes a mental note…).


Prayers for Flight Risk & his family as they mourn the passing of his grandmother.


YHC was honored to lead on such a historic day. Through our pain & suffering we remember & honor the men who willingly sacrificed (many with their lives) to protect the freedoms we enjoy. On that morning, seventy five years ago, thousands of men jumped off boats & ran into certain death. When they went over the side, there was no turning back. They didn’t have the option to modify. They were truly ALL IN! That’s why they are called THE GREATEST GENERATION! 🇺🇸