• When: 2020-02-04
  • QIC: Cureaid
  • The PAX: Dominion, Doogey, Rec, Escobar, Miranda, Bogey, Mr. Ed, Wee Wee, Two Star, Mulligan, Lt. Dan, Keychain

Cureaid’s VQ

YHC is very honored to lead an outstanding group of men this morning at Surge. The mumblechatter was strong this morning with topics ranging from Dam2Dam nutritional plans to the Super Bowl halftime extravaganza. The camaraderie of this group is strong and leads to some awesome accountability and everyone getting better.

Weather: Nice, clear with a light breeze 53 degrees

1-minute warning


Circle up by the flag and do a quick stretch:

LBAC forward x 10
LBAC backward x 10
Overhead clap x 10
Imperial Walker x15
TTT x 15

Quick mosey from the parking lot to the entrance of the school where there are 9 sets of exercises with blocks and bricks ready to roll

The Thang:

The inspiration for this Q was musical chairs, however, I was lazy and just decided to play a classic rock playlist from Amazon Music while a timer was set for 1 minute of work and 8 seconds of rest/transition. There were a total of 9 stations that 2 Pax occupied. These stations were paired with one exercise of lifting and one of Mary. The goal was to get AMRAP during your 1 minute of activity, then switch to the next activity at that station. Once both Pax completed both activities they moved to the next station. The stations:

Bent Over Rows/ American Hammers (Trump Twists for Lt. Dan)
Dirty Birds/ Flutter Kicks
Block Swings/ Rosalitas (or Hello Dollys, it varied by Pax)
Overhead Press/ Heel Touches
Curls for the Girls/ Gas Pumps
Calf Raises/ Supermans
RDL’s/ Box Cutters
Squat/ LBC
Chest Press/ Iron Cross

The goal was to get through the rotation twice however time only allowed us to do about 1.5 rotations.


Count o Rama
Name o Rama

Dam2Dam is fast approaching, Rec urged a few Pax to evaluate nutritional habits
6-year Convergence Feb 29th at RBHS
Wee Wee’s marathon this Sunday

Two Star’s son
The Turner Family
Dominion’s Co-worker

Closing Prayer

Romans 5:3-5
#DominateTheStruggle by leaning on and allowing God to work on and through you

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