• When: 2018-07-14
  • QIC: Harper Valley
  • The PAX: 11: Neon, Bolt (respect), Skipper, Skidder, Wojo, Big Load, Abacus, Mayhem (respect), Shaft, Tree Bark, Harper Valley


Conditions:  71 and just slightly muggy

Intro:  Even as I write this BB, YHC is still feeling much pain more than 24 hours after the Q.  Saturdays are always tough; that extra 15 minutes can be daunting and even more so if you have the Q.  YHC, did a little recon to drop off High Quality H2O at the bottom of Union Street and plan the formal attack on Union!

Disclaimer: After a brief gathering at the beginning, I proudly announced that I was not an expert and to modify if needed.  YHC then instructed PAX to get blocks and head to COP.

Intro of BAM:  BAM = Burpees, Abs and Merkins.  The exercise works as follows:  Anyone can call out BAM at any time throughout the workout.  The first round consist of 5 Burpees, 10 Ab exercises IC (ie, flutter kicks, American Hammer, LBC, etc) and 15 Merkins on BAM-Q command.  After the first set, each subsequent round adds one rep to each workout. Who would be the first to call BAM.

Merkins X 20 OYO
Block Brigade:  PAX made tight circle and passed concrete blocks left around circle for 3 or 4 rounds and then reversed right.

Mosie to Corner of Chestnut and Fair with Blocks

BAM-Skidder calls first.  5, 10, 15 (skidder does slow count merkins)

Corner of Chestnut and Fair- (after each exercise rotate one block left for new block)
20 OH Press w/ Block OYO
20 Chest Press w/Block OYO
20 Chest Squats w/Block OYO
10 Standing American Hammer with Block (L/R always is one)

Mosie to Fire Hydrate down Fair with Blocks

BAM- YHC decided to go second.  6,11,16

Fire Hydrate– (after each exercise rotate one block left for new block)
20 X Leg Tucks w/ Block held high OYO
20 X Block Press w/ Block OYO
Block Brigade- PAX pass Blocks left and then right

Mozie to Corner of Fair and Union w/ Block

BAM-Wojo calls round 3 before destination.  7,12,17

The Thang:

Partner up.  One partner gets both blocks and carries them down Union Street while his partner runs down to the bottom and back.  When the partners meet, each perform 5 Burpees and 10 OH Press with Blocks. Partners switch who is carrying blocks but continues in same direction until the blocks have made it down and up the hill 2 full turns.  Each time partners meet, they must perform 5 Burpees and 10 OH press and switch.

HQH20 Break-much needed

Backwards Challenge: Same partners started at the bottom of Union.  One partner runs backwards halfway up the hill and then forward down.  And switch.  Key:  partner running calls out AMRAP exercise for other partner.

Mosie to top of Union and Get Blocks to Head back to Fire Hydrate on Fair.

BAM-Bolt calls out 4th round.  8,13,18 (Burpees, BBSU, Tempo Merkins)

Fire Hydrate-
20 Chest Press OYO
10 Leg Tucks IC

Mosie Back to Chestnut and Fair:
20 Chest Squats OYO
10 Side dips w/ Block Left
10 Side dips w/ Block right

Mosie back to COP:
Final BAM-Modified with 10 Kettle Bell Swings, 20 BBSO, 30 MerkinHammers

Count-A-Rama:  11 PAX

BOM: Announcements, Prayers – Cafeteria.

Moleskin:  Saturday was tough.  The heat, the blocks, the running, the everything.  If you miss F3, you feel it when you return.  As we go forth into the rest of the summer.  HQH2O is a must!  Stay Hydrated Men, but equally important, show up!