• When: 2020-02-28
  • QIC: Booster
  • The PAX: Steel Toe, Black Lung, Pepto, Chop Block, Frosty, Pinot, Bonsai, Rebar, Lapdog, Sweettart, Watergate, Penny Stock, Double Fault, Cheddar, Puppylove, Pothole, Booster

Cold Froccer edition at Clash

17 PAX ventured to Riverland Hills for some froccer… it was a game-time decision and if the people who came late would have been there on time we would have played ultimate frodgeball… but when we started the game I didn’t think we had enough players to make ultimate frodgeball the best decision so we went with froccer.

Teams were split up by taking your month number and adding it to the day that you were born (for example: August 7th- 8+7=15). If that number was odd you were on one team, if it was even you were on the other team.

Top 5 moments from today at froccer:

1. There were A LOT of close range shots… wide open close range shots… that were completely missed by both squads. YHC had at least 2… Watergate had one or six… Chop Block had one or more… but the crown goes to Cheddar. Not necessarily because of the missed shot… sure it was pretty bad and he was pretty wide open and he basically threw it to broad river road… but more for his Frank Martin-like reaction to himself for the next 30 seconds. Man I wouldn’t want to be Cheddar when Cheddar gets on to him. I felt bad for the guy.

2. Comment of the day goes to Frosty. First of all, the guy is a stud, and pretty funny. Was a member of his high school ultimate frisbee team… the guy is an assist machine. Best comment of the day though… Frosty takes a shot  pass from distance and when it whizzes by Sweetart’s (who was being guarded by someone twice his size) head at mach speed and missed the goal by inches… let Sweettart know that it was a pass, that he doesn’t shoot… needless to say that phrase was used a lot in the next 35 minutes.

3. There was a game being played, and there was a score. MVP of the game goes to Bonsai and here is why. Bonsai came in a bright yellow jacket, obviously cold in the morning air. He came late, and was assigned the non-pennies team… and since his jersey was so bright, was forced to shed the jacket….which proved to be non-pleasing to him. His no jacket team played good, I think they were winning most of the time he was on their team (score was questioned multiple times during the game). Once we had a few people that had to leave, the good guys team (pennies) needed a man, and Bonsai, in speed I’ve never seen from him, sprinted to where he left his bright yellow coat and put it on to insert himself onto his new  w/jacket team. From there, the rest is history… good guys by 2 for the dub piece- Bonsai was the “star” of the team (pun intended).

4. Today did feature a couple of Pepto-Chop Block battles. One specifically ending in some sort of bear hug type of thing. It began with some sort of battle for the frisbee on a jump, then a tug of war with the frisbee, then some sort of argument, then some smack talk, then a bear hug. It was like deja vu with my 6-year old and 4- year old battling it out for the last cookie after dinner last night.

5. Finally… we enjoyed having lapdog there today. Not sure what that thing was that he was wearing on his head….but other than that… always good to have him. He kept asking me if I “wanted to race”… I don’t know what that means in frisbee terms…

Announcements- convergence at Graveyard 2/29 at 6:30am

Prayer requests- families grieving, people battling illness

Devo- Matthew 20:28- lets find a way to serve people like Jesus came to serve and not be served

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