• When: 2019-07-23
  • QIC: Drysdale
  • The PAX: Wee Wee, Abner, Two Star, Butt Dial, Dominion, Escobar, Big Al, Rec, Bogey, Mulligan, Key Chain

Circle Surcuit at The Surge Slowed by the “Stride Lite Flu”

12 beat the fart sack for my 5th career Q since joining the founding of The Surge in October of 2017. I have recently moved across the river and are now taking up residence at Swamp Fox. My old cronies were nice enough to invite me over to visit. It gave me a short 39-minute commute to plan the Q. My last Q was on April 23rd and it was a cool 50ish degrees. Oh, how the weather has changed.
Everyone appeared a little parched from the stride lite run and a “stride lite flu” was beginning to develop.It is highly contagious especially when the humidity is thick.

Conditions: 80ish degrees, Wind ESE 1ish mph, Humidity 86ish percentage

The Thang:

1 minute warning
BOMMosey to the front of the school
SSH X 25

Mosey around back to the brick pile and each man grabs a block.
12 Stations: By the loading dockStation 1: Farmers carry two blocks across the lot to top of the hill and back. Once complete, rotate stations.Station 2: Curls for the girlsStation 3: Squats with block against chestStation 4: Overhead Presses with BlockStation 5: Sumo SquatsStation 6: Tricep pressesStation 7: Roman deadliftsStation 8: Lateral raisesStation 9: Sumo squatsStation 10: LungesStation 11: Toe tapsStation 12: Push ups25 BBSUs, R&R, the PAX began to show strong signs of “stride lite flu”, so I allowed everyone to pick their own exercise for their station for the second go around.Return blocks5 minutes of Mary, dealer’s choice.

COT & BOMMoleskin:
Dam to Dam run on February 15
P200 in March
Northside Baptist Race to the Finish 5k August 17

Prayer Announcements: None

Devotional’Help and Deliverance’ St. Bridget …the children of Israel marched into the midst of the sea on dry land… – Exodus 14:22 The parting of the Red Sea is certainly a dramatic and powerful story. On that day, Godsaved the Israelites from drowning. We might not be seeking passage through an actual sea today, but sometimes we can feel as if we are drowning. Is there somethingin our life right now that is making it difficult for us to breathe? Perhaps we are drowning in self-pity: “Poor me!” Or maybe we feel swamped by all the things we haveto do: “I’m so busy!” Or perhaps we are overwhelmed by fear: “I’m terrified of the future.” Or maybe we are suffocating from all the things we own: “I just have too much stuff!” Perhaps we are suffering from the real effects of air or water pollution: “Idon’t feel well!” Whatever we may be drowning in today, let us ask God for help and deliverance