• When: 2018-10-03
  • QIC: Cootie
  • The PAX: Stay Puff, Happy Trees, Belding, Puck, Shankapotamus, Ace

Chicken Winging It

QIC had a nice route planned out but decided to do a drive by just before time to get things started. It was decided that there were a few places a little too dark to not have given fair warning to the PAX to bring extra light. So what does Rooster do when scrambling for a route…Chicken Strip. Don’t worry, the original route will make an appearance soon.

There was an early drive by Swayze appearance but not ready for a Rooster post yet. P200 training will start soon! 4 PAX took off for the run and 2 were off to ride (we were all left to wonder where was Khakis). An additional PAX rolled up on the runners and nearly scared this QIC out of his skin. Special thanks to HT for spending a little extra time with Cootie. 2nd F and encouragement was much appreciated!

Route: Main to Hwy 1 and past the Chicken Strip to Mitchel. Wave at SBF as turn right on 23 and back to Rooster via Main.