• When: 2018-11-13
  • QIC: Cheers
  • The PAX: Tarjay, Lego, Cowbell, Taurasi (R), Buzzsaw (R), Knozit (R), Dr. Lovin’, Dunphy, Genie, Bing, Hash & Rice, Coon Dog, Cheers

Cheers “Seemingly” Angry Workout with Blocks

The PAX said YHC was angry today, but what they called “angry” was more about motivation. Come on, they were being a bit slow in their mosey and didn’t want to hold their blocks overhead, so SOMEONE had to be their cheerleader, right?? The Q always seems to be the bad guy. YHC could have made them do big boy sit-ups on the cold, wet ground, but did he? No, he didn’t. Enough about motivational tactics and “alleged” anger issues, here’s how it went down:

SSH x 15
TTT x 15
LBAC x 15 each way

The Thang:

—Mosey to block pile and grab a block
-Carry block overhead to path by bridge
-Squats x 50
-Carry block over head to small bridge
-Merkins x 50
-Carry block to corner by steps
-Curls x 50
-Carry block to parking lot
-Squats x 50
-Carry block to upper soccer field path
-Triceps extensions x 50
-Carry block halfway to corner across from VB court
-Shoulder press x 50
-Carry block to corner
-Squats x 50
-Carry blocks halfway to corner adjacent to lower soccer field
-Bent over rows x 50
-Carry blocks to corner
-Decline Merkins x 50
-Carry blocks to circle at entrance of lower soccer field
-Squats x 50
-Carry blocks to bridge at the shelter
-Lunge with blocks across bridge
-Return blocks

Mosey to shelter:
-Dips x 50
-Step ups x 20
-LBC x 1 minute

-Do what Uncle Ron wants (pull-ups) or he will continue to ask like a 3 year old asking “are we there yet?” every other minute.
-Hash and Rice feels it’s more important to attend Drill than it is to conduct a CSAUP with us at WildCat. Seriously, H&R, thank you and your team for your service. It is you that allows us to live in the greatest country on earth.


Need mentors. Ask Ken Doll for details
Shank tshirt preorder: https://f3.mudgear.com/collections/sc-lexington/products/f3-shawshank-pre-order
11/16: New Friday bootcamp launch. Preblast: https://www.f3midlands.com/lexington-sc/preblast-friday-bootcamp-is-coming
11/17: Harry Bison: Clown Car is meeting at Hollow.
11/17: Converge at Shank (Notebook is the Q)
12/1: Wildcat
12/14: Christmas Party. Preblast: https://www.f3midlands.com/other/5th-annual-f3fia-lexington-christmas-party


-Gravedigger’s mom
-Injured PAX
-Family of Cheers’ friend that passed away
-All others who have lost loved ones recently. The holidays can be especially difficult.