• When: 2021-04-19
  • QIC: Cheers
  • The PAX: Blue Bloods, Knozit (R), Ken Doll, Ranger (R), Hoist, Dimimion, Dunphy (R), Cheers

Changing paces and climbing stairs at Bounty

YHC was on vacation/holiday/PTO or whatever you’re supposed to call it nowadays last week, and only posted once, so he needed to Q something this week.  Good thing that something was the hardest run group in Lexington.  The goal for today was to change paces but of course stairs were thrown in there.  We didn’t get to everything, but hopefully we will make up for it next time.  Solid work today, men!

Here’s how it went today.

Conditions:  Clear; mid 50’s


The Thang:

  • Indian Run around campus; start at flag and take parking lot path to East side of school, through the front of school, around the West side
  • Finish Indian Run in back of school at planter beside baseball field; mosey to first set of stairs beside gym parking lot
  • Up and down stairs, hit each stair with one foot
  • Run backward around the curve to smaller set of stairs, turn around and mosey where FiA is set up
  • At stairs, hit each stair with one foot; rinse and repeat for another set
  • Mosey to main breezeway
  • Starting at door to main building…Run breezeway at least at half speed all the way down to second set of doors, about 200m
  • Recover walk to track
  • At start line run 75% effort for 100m, 50% for 200m, 5k speed for 300m, 50% for 200m
  • Recover walk 100m
  • At 100m start line, run backwards for 50m, then turn and mosey rest of way.
  • Rinse and repeat back to starting point
  • At 100m line, run 25% to 50m, 50% rest of the way
  • ****More was planned here:  We were going to build to 100% run with the backwards/mosey set in between each of those sets.  So the next set was backwards/mosey x2, then 50% halfway/75% run the rest x2, another backwards/mosey x2; then 75% halfway/100% run x2; maybe next time
  • Recover mosey x 400m
  • Back to main set of stairs; run up and down x 5 sets, 30s rest, rinse and repeat for 6 sets, then 7 sets


Total mileage: 3 miles



  • 4/20: Pancake dinner at Eggs Up Grill from 4p to 7p for Dominion’s leadership group.  $10 per person


  • Notebook
  • No show
  • Slim Jim
  • Spackle
  • Wingback (deployment)
  • Other Sick and injured PAX
  • Country
  • Marriages
  • Virus victims
  • Unspoken

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