• When: 2019-01-08
  • The PAX: Freon, Drisocket, Trickle, Mr Burns, Navy Bean (R), Puck

Cat Pax do a bunch of reps that are easy on the toenails

It’s been a while since YHC has made a trip to the big city to post, much less to Q.  With the new year come a blank Q schedule and a chance to get on it before the rush. YHC signed up the lead the men of CAT on the first open date.  Here is the thing about putting your name on the Q sheet and then forgetting about it… stuff happen.  YHC also got in at the doctor office unexpectedly quick and had an ingrown toenail cut out yesterday morning… and well, it hurts. The weinke for this morning needed  to be heavily modified because, “if you can’t do it, don’t Q it.”

Conditions 45ish degrees A.K.A nice

YHC has no watch at the moment. Garmin is making this GPS gadget great again, so our brand new AOQ for CAT was put in charge of time.



This is yet another variation on the “1000 rep” workout. No group of Pax has ever hit 1000 reps and YHC blames the Q. To keep the pax together and on track YHC tried to do most of the movements IC or on the Qs count.  Some movements were counted as double the reps.  For example, 10 (4 count) Merkins is really 20 Merkins or 10 (4 count) Overhead press is really 20 over head presses.  Each round is equal to 200 reps

The thang:

Mosey (really slowly due to YHCs damaged foot) to the block pile and everyone grabs 1 block then goes over to the planter.

20 Curls For The Girls (Qs count)

10 Overhead Press IC (20 reps)

10 single arm row right arm (Qs count)

10 single arm row left arm (Qs count)

10 squats w/block IC (20 reps)

10 Merkins IC (20 reps)

10 Flutter Kicks IC (20 reps)

10 Freddie Mercury IC (20 reps)

10 Block thrusters (OYO)

10 Block swings (OYO)

10 step ups (on the planter) (OYO)

10 Tricep extensions (OYO)

10 Hydraulics IC

10 Gas Pumpers IC

Note to anyone who tries to repeat this: Make sure you breathe while calling the count or you will be close to death after the first round

The Pax at Cat completed 3 rounds and got through the Freddie Mercury before time was called. That is 740 total reps for the men of CAT

Mosey (slowly) to put up the blocks

Circle up for the Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama, Prayer, and Pledge of Allegiance


Dam to Dam is coming and ruck teams are forming, Palmetto 200 is coming

Prayer requests:

Wells family, Doodle and his 2.0 Sara Kate, various pax injuries (Moist, Dozer, Navy Bean {R})


Why is there pain and suffering?

You have probably heard people say things like “If there is an all-powerful God, why is the world full of pain and suffering? Or using suffering as a proof say things like “If God is all-powerful then he is not good or if God is good he is not all-powerful and thus not God.”

The Bible addresses this far more artfully than I can, but my Answer to this is that there is a 3rd option.  God is all-powerful and the reason that we are here to suffer is precisely because he is good. In other words, God could end suffering by snuffing out all life.

The one thing that we must not say when trying to comfort someone who is suffering goes like this, “This is part of Gods plan” or “This is Gods will”. This is wrong and not helpful and could actually be very harmful.  According to the Bible that I read God created the world as perfect place for us to live in communion with him and we messed it up.

As proof that God’s will is not necessarily done here on earth. Let’s take a close look at a line in the Lord’s Prayer. Jesus Prays, “…may your will be done on earth as it is in heaven..”  Jesus is pleading that God’s will be done on earth and then praising that fact God’s will is done perfectly in Heaven.

So if God’s will isn’t done here on earth, who’s is? Let’s take a look at Gen 1:26-28 and Psalm 115:16.

Psalm 115:16 says it most clearly and directly, “The heavens belong to the Lord, but he has given the earth to all humanity.”

Who’s will is done here on earth? In short, yours.

Much of the suffering we encounter is the result of someone else’s or our own actions. There are roughly 9 Billion people on planet earth and all of them are making decisions independently. Even if we all meant well, when fallible humans exercise our God given free will mistakes will be made. Sometimes when people make mistakes, things go horribly wrong and people can be hurt or even die.  God didn’t want this to happen.  It wasn’t his will.  His plan for us was for us to be healthy and happy and living in perfect union with him.

What about Romans 8:28? Doesn’t that say that everything is going to work out for me?  Nope.  You should probably go read the rest of Romans 8.  Romans 8:17 basically promises that you will suffer.

Why is there suffering? Suffering is not evidence that God doesn’t love us.  God so loved us that he chose to leave his perfect realm where his will is always perfectly carried out to enter the world as a man and endure our suffering and even to a cross the be tortured and die to restore our relationship with him.