• When: 2021-04-27
  • QIC: PickAxe
  • The PAX: Booster, ET, Granola, Simon Says, Duraflame, Sunday Driver, Wapner, Canseco, DARPA

Bricks on the black top

A wide open Q sheet turns into an opportunity for the AOQ. Been a minute since yhc Qed so glad to lead.

Weather was 55, moon was full.

One minute called at 4:59 am, disclaimer and prayer at 5:00, moseyed to the teachers lot and circled up.

Warmup included about 10 reps of the following; TTT, SSH, IW, slo mo squat, slo mo mercan

Moseyed to the brick  pile to reteive a pair of bricks and take them to the black top. Pax partnered up. One completed an exercise with the bricks while the other moseyed to the picnic shelter for 15 reps of the second exercise. The partners continued to alternated through the exercises until the timer expired. The pairs of exercises were; Squats – inclined mercans (mercans were done in sets of 17), triceps ext – step up, mercans – calf raise, bbsu – step up, brick burpee – calf raise. 

Two rounds of shoulder super set, 10 front raise, 10 side raise, 10 overhead press per round were completed next. (One Pax elected not to participate in this segment however and returned their bricks.)

Bricks were then returned and the Pax mosey to the flag for one minute if boat canoe before time expired.

Moleskin: yhc has been playing the same playlist since IPC 2020. Requests were solicited in yesterday’s announcement but none were received. The shuffle play mode was discovered however and a previously unplayed song or two did make it in the rotation this morning. Booster also may not appreciate Taylor swift as much as he thought he did.  

Announcements: may the 4th workout being led by booster next Tuesday. Cinco de mayo parking lot party next Wednesday.  Support Fast Casual and Deebo’s family (daughter recently diagnosed with cancer)

Prayer requests: Spackle, ET and wife expecting any day

Praise: boosters nephew born

Devo: those things you desire are just out of reach of your comfort zone

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