• When: 2020-03-10
  • QIC: Boo Boo
  • The PAX: Adluh, Banjo, Bar Crawl, Blue Rhino, Bondo, Broadhead, Cream Cheese, Danica, Fiddy, Haboob, Pop Tort (R), Postal, Rook, Wingback, Zappos, Boo Boo

Boo Boo Birthday at Detention

What better way to celebrate a birthday a day late than by posting with my boys at Detention?  With some new tricks learned and some fresh tunes at the ready, here’s what we did.




Mosey around parking lot, almost forget speaker, continue mosey to basketball court for warm up

  • 10 side straddle hops IC
  • 10 windmills (aka fake through the tunnels) IC
  • 10 lil baby arm circles F/10 R IC
  • 10 through the tunnels IC
  • 10 Moroccan night clubs IC
  • 3 six count burpees IC
  • 9 motivators IC
  • 9 six count burpees IC
  • 3 motivators IC

Mosey to block pile, grab your favorite one, and head back to the basketball court.

Line up on a side of the court with no goals and listen to my poorly worded, unrehearsed instructions that should have sounded like this:

“Similar to the common rep format of Elevens, we will be doing Twenty Sevens.  Start at this end with one (1) overhead press.  Run to the other side of the court and do twenty six (26) flutter kicks.  Run back and do two (2) curls for the girls.  Run across again and do twenty five (25) Freddie Mercuries.  Repeat until you have switched the 1 and the 26 or until time is called.”

So basically, odds = overhead press or flutter kicks and evens = curls for the girls or Freddie Mercs.  The PAX did their best to make sense of my incessant chatter.  Luckily, we had some Sturgill Simpson to drown out any mumblechatter.  Work was done regardless.

Time was called, put up the blocks and mosey back to the flag to finish strong.

  • One minute plank for the six
  • 10 big boy sit ups
  • Rumble Strip called boat cano- Oh wait he wasn’t there
  • 3 motivators


  • Gauntlet announcement tomorrow
  • SAFE Week coming up

Prayer Requests

  • Dear Diary
  • Eli


  • If you’ve never heard how loud/excited Postal gets for TTTs, you’re missing out
  • Sturgill Simpson’s “Sound of Fury” brought out lots of *insert adjective here* commentary
  • Broadhead was one of the newer guys to DET recently but is already a legend.  The man has not missed a bootcamp since OCTOBER – #beast! Don’t miss his VQ on 3/19


  • Talked yesterday at Stride about making the most of every opportunity you get – letting your wife know you love her, taking your kids outside to play, talking with a coworker about faith, etc.  Many examples.  Wanted to take a minute to let the men of Detention (and F3 Lex) know how much they mean to me and how they make me better every day, not just Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Hope that I am able to do the same for them.  #ISI


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