• When: 2020-03-10
  • QIC: Cheers
  • The PAX: Hash and Rice, Lego, Lizard Man, Soaker, 5 Play, Ramrod, Genie, Dunphy (R), Bing, Knowzit (R), Coon Dog, Cheers

An Easy Block Workout at Shawshank

YHC has been under the weather for a week and wanted to challenge himself and his fellow PAX since he hasn’t been able to post. The last time this workout was done was at The Hollow and the Shank guys almost complained about it as much as Hollow did. Seems that this one needs to be added to the rotation! T-Claps to Dunphy and Lego who continue to wear their ruck packs for workouts. That’s some strong stuff there. Also, nearly all of our PAX were at Stride Lite today, very impressive.

Here’s how it went:


Grab a block & Mosey to football field:

Windmill x 10 IC
TTT x 10 IC
LBAC x 10 IC each way

Partner up:

Line up on end zone line:
* P1 grabs both blocks and farmers carry to far end zone and back. In far end zone, P1 does 25 BBSU
* P2 does merkins until P1 returns
* Partners switch when P1 returns

Carry block to sidewalk next to bridge and line up with partner in two’s side by side:
* Lunge with block to light pole, then shoulder press x 25
* Rinse and repeat all the way to small bridge
* Lunge back but replace shoulder press with bent over rows

Head to soccer field and circle up with block:
* While one PAX does 5 decline block merkins, all other pax do tricep extensions. After one pax does 5 DM, he does extensions with other pax, while the guy to the left of him does his 5 DM. Rinse and repeat around the circle.
* Rinse and repeat except squats replaces merkins. Calf raises on blocks replaces TE.

Return blocks and mosey to shelter, get on your six for Mary:

Flutter kicks x 15 IC
LBC x 50 OC



-3/14: Race Against Hunger at Lexington High School

-3/21: Habitat for Humanity; Lego’s group needs two more volunteers

-3/27-28: P200

-4/13-24: Gauntlet

-See Hash and Rice if interested in participating in the Ville to Ville Relay Run

-5/11 week: Lexington SAFE run

-Dear Diary
-Lego’s M’s Uncle
-Raft’s M
-Sick and injured PAX

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