• When: 2021-06-23
  • QIC: Happy Trees
  • The PAX: Wilson, Shankopotamus, Homegrown, Hollywood, Belding, Tongue N Groove, Urkel, Doodle, Happy Trees

An accurate synopsis of the events on 6/23/21.

YHC swore into this BB by putting his right foot a book that looked similar to a Bible. 

The morning started out like most average gloom Rooster mornings. Everyone showed up at least ten minutes early. No one was running late and got big t-claps for showing up anyway and running by themselves. The Q tried to get the men inspired but Urkel shouted “Sprint” and everyone scattered. Somehow we ended up in the right groups separated only by your primal desires to either run or walk. We did have one girl post with us but she was a little hairy for my taste, apparently Wilson is into that sort of thing. In his defense she is kind of wild, he let her out of his sight for like two seconds and she went skinny dipping in the neighborhood pond. 

After 45 minutes of all out sprinting or really fast walking, thanks Urkel, we managed to make it back to the flag where we received a complimentary strip show courtesy of Belding. Something about a sweaty, bald assistant principal with 70’s athletic socks that really gets that blood going.

Great work to all that made it out, glad to get better with you guys.

Conditions: Humid


Route: Shealy road route for runners. Ruckers made a path through Crosson Street.

Prayer Requests for the Maroney family.

Announcements: Monday Murphs at 5am (at Rooster)

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