• When: 2018-08-21
  • QIC: Rocking Chair
  • The PAX: Bambi, Lumber, Fish Wrap, Paper Jam, Brita, Pop Off, Juice, Gypsy, Pennyworth, Akeem, McGrubber, Tutu, Rocking Chair-R.


YHC was excited to finally be able to pack up the Miata and make the trek over to visit my brothers at Ambush.  After making several laps around both schools, YHC finally found the right parking lot and met up with the brothers.

1 minute warning, disclaimer, check for FNG’s, BOM and begin.

Warm up SSH x 15, TTT x 16, thanks PJ, LBAC x 10, hold OH Claps x 15, LBAC in reverse x 10, recover and follow YHC.

YHC brought the Constant Motion WO to the Ambush Pax today.  This w/o consists of 4 stations about 100 yards apart.  Each station has 4 exercises with 30 reps.  After each of the 30 reps the pax runs to the next station and back.  Upon arriving back the resting position is the High Plank until all the pax have arrived back.  Then on to the next exercise at that station.  By themselves, the exercises are not bad, but 30 reps with a 100 yard run and plank in between before rinse and repeating with the next exercise can make for real snotwargeler of a w/o.

So it was written…so it was done.

After 45 minutes the jail break back to the flag was called.

Count and Name a rama.

Announcements (between gasps for air) Stomp the Swamp 5k is this weekend we look for a large showing, BBR is Sept. 7-8, keep that training going.

Prayer requests: Clam Digger, students, teachers, administrators, a successful school year, Juice’s cousin,