• When: 2018-08-22
  • QIC: Happy Trees
  • The PAX: Puck, Cootie, Hollywood, Khakis, Shankopotamus (Respect), Cinco de Mayo, Matlock, Happy Trees

Nothing wrong with a little….Bromance?

What a crowd! 8 PAX doing all kinds of stuff!  YHC likes it. Just get out and do something. When this horribly awesome BRR thing is over, some wheels are going to get put down and the ruck is getting strapped back on. Sometimes it may even be at the same time (believe it or not, it will wear you out).

It has been great of course to have Shank and Khakis coming back out. Personally I think it was for the alone time with the Mayor this morning, but we are all guilty of that. We were missing a couple regulars out there, definitely could have used some Puffy and Belding inspiration out there. Caboose was probably MIA due to his new found success in the world of edumacating your children’. Wilson probably flattened a bike tire, and Urkle probably ran out of gas in his muscle car.

Kudos to Cinco and Matlock who have been hitting the consistent XL rucks together, something special must be brewing there. Puck, HT, and Cootie took the Pat and Charlie option today for some three amigo action and it was awesome. Bromance’s abound.

Conditions: somewhere between 70 and 90 is probably a safe bet.


The Routes:

Cycles- Wherever Hollywood said go…they said “how far Mr. Mayor, anything for you. Mr. Mayor.” YHC doesn’t blame them.

Ruckers- According to Cinco’s Phone they broke the sound barrier so they probably hit up Wally World for a six pack of brew and some string cheese.

Runners- This one YHC has some inside info on. The runners rolled out and back for about 5 miles. In the words of one of the running PAX this morning, “..just made that 5 miles my B”. That may not be verbatim but the intent was present.



Prayer Requests: Ronald Black, Katie Eargle/Alanna Thompson, Khakis policy holder’s family