• When: 2021-01-05
  • QIC: PickAxe
  • The PAX: Booster, Canseco, TreadMill, SundayDriver, Boo (R), Wapner, Roadhouse, DARPA

9 Pax Set Their Bars @ Turning Point

Weather: 40ish and dry to start, becoming breezy during the workout and a steady rain to wrap things up.

Disclaimer given at 5am, prayer said and the group moseyed toward the teacher’s lot.

Warm-up: some high knees and butt kicks on the way to the lot followed by TTT, IW, SSH, SloMo Squat, SloMo Mercan all 10 IC

Headed to the brick pile for two bricks each an then to the base line of the basketball court. Pax partnered up for one exercise at the base line while the other pax performed 21 reps of a specified exercise at the picnic shelter, alternating for 5 minutes. The exercises were squats and dips, mercans and calf raise, bbsu and step ups, burpees and my climbers. Many variations of the baseline exercise was acceptable since incorporating bricks was encouraged.

Next exercise was the Shoulder Super Set which includes a brick in each hand, 10 front raises oyo, 10 side raises oyo, hold overhead for the six, when the six arrived 5 go ic. This was repeated 3 times.

Bricks were returned and the pax moseyed to the shovel flag for Mary.

Mary: FK 21 ic, Reverse Crunch 21 omc, lbc 21 ic, ic 21 ic, boat 

Announcements: Lexington Safe run is happening this week. Dam to dam is coming up. Q sheet has openings, Canseco has the Q sat.

Prayer Requests: Canseco – carpal tunnel surgery, Notebook, NoShow, Taylor – kidney

Devo: Matthew 6:11 give us today our daily bread

Moleskin: Wap’s mumblechatter seemed a lite this morning or at least yhc didn’t hear much of it. He did submit notes in writing to the Turning Point DM immediately following the workout…7 points worth. For the record they were brick burpees

And…Happy Birthday to Boo!







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