• When: 2018-06-21
  • QIC: Pow Pow / Tutu
  • The PAX: Britta, Paper Jam, Bambi, Po, Liability (Respect), Akeem, Lunberg, Pop Off, Gypsy, Pennyworth, Pow Pow & Tutu

6.21.18 Pow Pow Tutu Co Q

On the first day of Summer, 12 PAX did the better Thang and co-joined Tutu and Pow Pow for a combo Anniversary Q. 2 BL 4 SL and everyone was excited for Pow Pow to be on time and for Tutu for not fart sacking again.

Conditions:  Balmy 72 degrees

Disclaimer and Prayer

Slaughter Starter


Mosey to the Quad

  • TTT x25 IC
  • SSH x25 IC
  • Little Baby Arm Circles Each Arm x 25 IC
  • Little Baby Arm Circles Each Arm x 25 ICSlowsey to the Football Field
  • Pow Pow and Tutu alternated every two exercises on each end of the football field. Once with the block and one without.
  • Mosey to the block pile and grab a big boy block
  • 50 curls for the girls with a press at end with block
  • Run 100 yards.
  • 50 Big Boy Situps
  • Run 100 Yards
  • 25 Rock a Byes
  • Run 100 Yards
  • 25 Lunges each leg
  • Run 100 Yards
  • 50 Block Bench Press
  • Run 100 Yards
  • 50 Air Squats
  • Run 100 YardsSlowsey back to block pile Cusack StyleSlowsey back to flagSlaughter Ender

Announcements/Prayer Requests:

  • Remember Corley Family with passing of Grandmother Corley.
  • Remember Cheech Family on the 1 year anniversary.
  • Remember driver of car with Cheech Incident.
  • Pow Pow Co-Worker

Circle up, count off, name thing, and pray it out.

Devo – Be All there

Psalms 90:12 Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of Wisdom. Life is sometimes cut short. We need to live our lives as if this was our last day. Don’t miss out on a God moment to teach, share the gospel, or just to be a friend to someone in need. We are the hands and feet of God. Live every moment with direction and constantly in prayer. Do not worry about anything but pray about everything!