• When: 10-11-2018
  • QIC: Columbo
  • The PAX: Alter Boy, Inuit, Teaspot, Ochocinco, YHC Columbo.

4 Years Stronger and Better with aid of dominoes


4 years ago I wasn’t sure what I was doing.  I showed up at Howard Park as a FNG not sure how this thing would go and how I would do it.  I was accepted, embraced and encouraged after knowing this was more than just a work out.  The friendships and bonds I have developed with other men have been amazing.  I never get tired of seeing my brothers first thing in the wee hours of the morning.  They have made me better and I certainly hope and pray that I have made them better.

I had planned on Qing this work out for a few weeks.  With hurricane Michael bearing down most AOs were closed.  It was a “use your common sense” and “make a wise decision” when considering posting type of morning.  Luckily #theherd has access to a few bus loop coverings when it is pouring down rain.

5 PAX celebrated with me on 10/11/2018.  It was extremely windy and constant downpour.

I utilized domino tiles for today’s workout.  Unlike the attached Youtube video those who come to and participate in F3 workouts are never a failure.

After disclaimer and opening prayer warm up with SSH, TT tunnel, little baby arm circles etc.

Utilizing the tiles the main part of the work out went something like this.  Place dominoes face down.  PAX take turns picking a domino.  The values on the dominoes correspond with the number of reps for a chosen exercise.

First round: large number = number of merchans plus 10 (ie 5 would = 15 total). The small number = number of squats plus 10 (ie 3 would = 13).  A double tile = to the face value of burpees (ie a double 6 would = 12).  A single blank is BB sit ups 10 plus the value of the tile (ie a blank with a 2 would equal 12 etc).  Double blank 20 monkey humpers OYO).

Second Round: large number shoulder taps plus 10 in cadence.  Small number squat jumps plus 10.  Double = Turkish get ups.  Single blank = LBCs in cadence.  Double blank 20 big boy sit ups.

Third Round:  large number plus 10 mountain climbers in cadence.  Small number plus 10 toe taps in cadence.  Double = buppees. Blank LBCs in cadence.  double blank = 20 merchans.

Continue with rounds for allotted time.

Announcements:  Mission cookout Thursday of next week.  Convergence with Columbia to celebrate 6 years coming up soon.

Prayer requests:  those in path of hurricane Michael

Thanks to all of you my brothers for the words of encouragement over the years.  Looking forward to many more to come.